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Bethenny Frankel Slams Critics Accusing Her Of Flaunting Wealth

Bethenny Frankel is fearless in responding to haters who comment on her social media posts. The TV star deemed her critics jealous for calling her “braggy” and asked them to “get a sense of humor.” 

When Frankel shared the video of her massive diamond ring, some followers accused her of showing off her wealth. Some commenters even claimed that the large rock was fake and suggested that Frankel shouldn’t marry again. 

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Her Critics

Bethenny Frankel at Hollywood Reporter & SAG-AFTRA 3rd Annual Emmy Nominees Night

Bethenny Frankel has responded to social media critics calling her out for flashing her giant engagement ring. The reality TV star reacted to comments that she was “Braggy” about the 10-carat diamond ring she was given by her fiancé Paul Bernon. Frankel’s ring is reportedly worth between $1 million to $3 million.

According to the Daily Mail, Frankel told one critic, “Seems like it makes you feel jealous. Talk to a professional,” and another, “It’s called humor. Get a sense of it.” When one follower commented that the large diamond looked tacky, Frankel responded, saying, “Well you’re in no danger of getting it so.”

Another follower pointed out that Frankel was a security risk and in danger for wearing a ring that large. The reality TV star replied that the ring is actually stored in a “vault.” However, she’s been photographed wearing the ring publicly multiple times, so her story isn’t solid.

Bethenny Frankel Flaunted The Massive Ring On Social Media

Bethenny Frankel at the 71st Emmy Awards

In an Instagram post earlier this week, Frankel showed off her diamond ring with three stones. It has a large emerald-cut diamond sitting between two smaller stones. Bernon gave the Skinnygirl founder 

the ring when he proposed about two years ago, but the couple hasn’t held an actual wedding yet.

In her post,

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Sporting a Diamond Ring? Find Out If Bachelorette Charity Lawson Is Engaged After Season 20

Does season 20 Bachelorette Charity Lawson accept a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring when she hands out her final rose in season 20? Keep reading for details on if she gets engaged on the show.

Does Charity Lawson Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelorette’?

So far, no spoilers have come out that she’s sporting a rock on her ring finger. Charity said accepting a wedding proposal was her goal when starting the season, but she changed her mind as time went on.

“I was 100 percent set on an engagement coming into it,” the Georgia native told charitylawson-getting-engaged-wasnt-end-all-be-all-of-season-exclusive-7551860″ data-ylk=”slk:People;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “People. “But we know that this is such an expedited process, so it’s like, wait a second. I really am connecting with this person, but if this is someone that I genuinely love, it’s also okay if we leave here in a relationship and also making sense of what would be the best case scenario for the both of us.”

Charity explained that viewers will see her go back and forth on whether or not an engagement was the “end all, be all,” telling the publication, “You see me waiver with that.”

It all comes down to the wire when she decides if she wants to accept a marriage proposal. “I thought I had a feeling of where things were going to go, but what’s so crazy is in something as wild as this experience, I have learned that anything can change in a matter of a day, hours,” Charity continued. “It was something that I had to really wait out until till the end to be 100 percent certain with myself.”

Who Is Charity Lawson’s Final Pick on ‘The Bachelorette’?

It is still unclear who the child and family therapist final rose recipient;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link

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10 fabulous engagement rings you can get from James Allen

Shop for your loved one's engagement ring at James Allen this summer.

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

Wedding season, or the months where nicer weather offers ample opportunities for outdoor gatherings in a wider array of areas of the U.S., is officially upon us. While winter is typically considered primetime for proposals, wedding season brings its own deluge of engagements, especially in the summer. 

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If getting engaged is on your horizon, James Allen has ample engagement and wedding ring options. The website will walk you through the customization process, allowing you to select your stone, setting, materials, cut and color. The prices below reflect the price of the settings, so if you’re looking for a specific diamond weight or cut it’s likely that you’ll end up paying much more than the listed price, but you’ll get a sense of the range when you select the materials you prefer.

If you’re on the hunt for a little inspiration, you can check out our top picks for James Allen engagement rings below.

1. Petite Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring

Best James Allen engagement rings: Petite Pavé Cathedral Ring

With tiny diamonds spanning the classic, slim band and a pronged setting for the stone of your choice, the Petite Pavé Cathedral engagement ring is a perfect delicate accent piece that will set off the diamond you choose without overwhelming it.

$1,270 at James Allen

2. Three Stone Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

Best James Allen engagement rings: Three Stone Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

A bit more intricate than our first pick, but still classic in its shape, the Three Stone Infinity ring comes in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum and includes not one but three brilliant diamonds in its design. You’ll select a center stone in either

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The Diamond Bank Is A Hidden Gem Against LA’s Jewelry Trove

            It’s often said that artists are defined by their eyes and how they see the world around them, which extends into the art of jewelry making and craftsmanship. Diamond diving is more precarious than you might imagine, for natural diamonds sparkle singularly in their own light, each one shaped and sculpted uniquely from the next. An eye for detail and diversity are required to identify true treasures, and The Diamond Bank, one of the most recognizable names in jewelry in Los Angeles and beyond, has perfected the art of ornamentation through decades of refinement and trust baked into the community, and the eyes that search for these pieces. Part of the charm that defines The Diamond Bank is their bespoke nature even after years of growth and development, retaining a distinctly artisanal quality unrivaled in the jewelry space. Much of this work is attributed to Chris Arakel, owner and lead designer, who embarked on his own journey 25 years ago.

            Fittingly tucked into the folds of LA’s “Diamond District”, The Diamond Bank only became a concrete destination in 2021 when their flagship studio opened on South Hill Street. Before then, The Diamond Bank name rested heavily on the shoulders of Arakel, who frequently traveled to cities far and wide for call-ins and consultations. Still to this day, referrals remain a large part of the company’s clientele, many of them repeat and returning customers who have trusted the quality of Diamond Bank for more than a decade.

            One of the largest distinctions in The Diamond Bank is their dedication to diamond diversity which, to the untrained eye, comes second or third to general size. What most people fail to realize is that diamonds themselves are a product of their environment, which affords a great deal of variety and surprises to

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Lightbox Now Offers Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

In a move sure to further disrupt the jewelry industry already disrupted by consumers’ rapid turn to lab-grown diamonds, De Beers has introduced engagement rings under its lab-grown jewelry brand Lightbox, a category it once reserved exclusively for its Forevermark natural, mined diamonds. Now it offers a selection of 16 lab-grown diamond engagement rings priced from $500 to $5,000.

While the company positions the move as a limited market test, it is groundbreaking for De Beers, whose fortunes have been inextricably linked to natural diamond futures.

De Beers is the world’s leading natural diamond company, with its reach into diamond exploration, mining, grading, marketing and retail. It singlehandedly made the diamond engagement ring the symbol of everlasting love in its famed 1947 “A diamond is forever” ad campaign.

Into The Lab-Grown Diamond Fray

When De Beers first dipped its toes into the lab-grown jewelry market with Lightbox in 2018, it was positioned as fun, pretty, affordable fashion jewelry that “may not be forever, but is perfect for right now,” said Bruce Cleaver, then-CEO De Beers Group and now its co-chairman.

At the time, LGD were reserved for earrings and necklaces set with an emphasis on colored stones, but also available in clear-white diamonds.

Initial prices were set at $800 per carat, exclusive of the setting, and the company has held the line on per-carat price since then. However, it has since added a finest grade above its standard offering, priced at $1,500 per carat for LGD stones of finer cut and clarity with the clearest color rating.

It stepped deeper into the bridal waters

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Chiefs get Super Bowl rings, take subtle shot at rival Bengals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a stinging answer for Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who upon learning that his own QB Joe Burrow had picked Mahomes as the league’s best replied: “Pat who?”

“That’s who,” Mahomes posted on social media Thursday night, along with a photo of him flashing his new Super Bowl ring.

Or more accurately, that’s two.

Mahomes picked up his first ring in 2020 by leading the Chiefs to a victory over the 49ers, then added a second in February when he led Kansas City to a come-from-behind win over the Eagles. But unlike the first triumph, which came as the pandemic was beginning, the Chiefs were able to thoroughly enjoy the spoils of the latest with a ring ceremony Thursday night.

The red-carpet affair in Kansas City was closed to reporters, but Mahomes and others were happy to send out photographs. And in the case of the Chiefs’ burgeoning rivals, they were willing to take a couple of shots at Chase and the Bengals.

“That’s what you work for, to win the Super Bowl and get those rings,” Mahomes said. “They last a lifetime. To be able to see them, I know they’ve done a great job with them. I got to help out a little bit with the creating process. They did a great job.”

The rings were made by Jostens and each contains 613 diamonds along with 35 rubies for a total of 16.1 carats.

And like most Super Bowl rings these days, there were plenty of hidden meanings in the design.

Front and center are the organization’s three Lombardi Trophies, each with a marquise diamond set atop. The trophies are set against a backdrop of 19 rubies and 38 diamonds, which reflects both the 38 points the Chiefs

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See the Chiefs’ diamond and ruby Super Bowl rings and all their hidden meanings | News, Sports, Jobs

photo by: Jostens and the Kansas City Chiefs via AP

This photo provided by Jostens and the Kansas City Chiefs shows the Super Bowl LVII Championship Ring. The Kansas City Chiefs got their Super Bowl rings Thursday night, June 15, 2023, during a private ceremony at Union Station.

How One Ethical Jewelry House Is Going Back To Basics On Diamonds And Gold

From Place Vendôme, home to the Ritz and Paris’ most prestigious heritage jewelry houses, to a relaxed apartment showroom in the city’s 17th arrondissement for Héloise et Abelard, her own brand of circular jewelry, Héloise Shapiro has crossed not only her native city, but also a gulf of expectation. “When I left Place Vendôme, I had a visceral desire to do things differently,” she tells me. “I knew that my brand had to use recycled materials, as goldsmiths always have done by saving their waste gold to melt down and reuse.” But better still, it was going to be upcycled.

Today, Shapiro and her team scour the city’s antiques stores, pawn shops and auction rooms for second-hand stones and antique jewelry to be taken apart and re-made into contemporary designs with a fresh, modern look at an accessible price point. Customers can buy a slim gold band for $450, while her distinctive diamond cluster rings start at $1,900, and while recycling precious metals is nothing new – even if the savings are not always passed onto the customer – producing repeat collections from second-hand materials, is. And customers – including Katie Holmes, who was recently seen wearing an upcycled Héloise et Abelard tourmaline and diamond ring – love it.

Named after two 12th century lovers in Paris, Héloise and Abelard’s circular jewelry is surely the ultimate expression of the romance of natural diamonds. The bulk of Shapiro’s clientele is aged 25-35 and shopping for wedding and engagement rings; a customer base she describes as “well-off, thoughtful and informed” and looking for something more original and heartfelt than

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De Beers’ Lightbox Launches Test-run of Lab-grown Diamond Engagement Rings

It appears that De Beers has spotted the writing on the wall in an increasingly crowded lab-grown diamond market.

The diamond behemoth has begun testing engagement rings under its lab-grown subsidiary, Lightbox, after years of avoiding the category. It is understood that the company had long tried to maintain natural diamonds’ position as engagement ring stones, while attempting to silo lab-grown diamonds as fashion jewelry.

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De Beers established Lightbox in 2018 in order to help steer the lab-grown diamond narrative. It set a strict per-carat pricing model for the stones (pro-rated at $800 per carat, regardless of the stone’s size or color) in an attempt to lead the industry’s treatment of lab diamonds.

As newly instated Lightbox chief executive officer Antoine Borde told WWD earlier this month, the company is focused on designs intended for self-purchasing and personal expression.

“We are pursuing the positioning of the brand around fashion, freedom, fun — it’s a good dynamic that we are seeing this happen,” Borde said.

Since its launch Lightbox had sold loose lab-grown stones that could be set as engagement rings, but the company had never sold ready-made engagement rings as part of its own distribution.

Now as more and more players enter the lab-grown arena, it appears that De Beers and Lightbox had little choice but to test the engagement category.

The company’s website has launched a limited series of 16 solitaire rings — all priced at $5,000 or less, with the average hovering around $2,500. They are offered with stones from one to two carats and come in settings that range from very simple gold bands to more elaborate halo styles, set alongside smaller pavé lab-grown stones.

Borde said in a statement: “As part of Lightbox’s promise to bring transparency to lab-grown diamonds,

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Toronto Argonauts players, coaches and staff receive their ’22 Grey Cup rings

TORONTO — The mystery, anticipation and then celebration never get old for Mike (Pinball) Clemons. The Toronto Argonauts received their 2022 Grey Cup rings Thursday night during a private dinner.

TORONTO — The mystery, anticipation and then celebration never get old for Mike (Pinball) Clemons.

The Toronto Argonauts received their 2022 Grey Cup rings Thursday night during a private dinner. For Clemons, the club’s affable GM, it’s the seventh championship ring he’s earned as a player, head coach and executive with the storied franchise since coming aboard in 1990.

“I’d suggest winning the Grey Cup is one of the most refreshing experiences that I’ve had in life,” Clemons said. “It’s a very nice way to put a bow on 2022 and maybe the pandemic itself and the challenges it presented.”

The CFL didn’t stage a season in 2020 due to the global pandemic. It resumed play in 2021 with a reduced 14-game campaign before staging a full 18-game schedule last year without protocols.

Clemons was involved in the ring design but didn’t see the finished product until Thursday. He said it was definitely worth the wait.

“I did get a chance to see the process,” he said. “But the end result was, ‘Wow.'”

The ring features 308 diamonds in 10 carat white gold with a custom blue sapphire top stone in Toronto’s boat logo.

Baron Championship Rings, of Tecumseh, Ont., was the manufacturer. The company specializes in championship rings, having created them for the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers, NBA’s Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto FC of MLS, the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and Hockey Canada, to name but a few.

“We’re pretty excited about it and really happy with the outcome,” said Baron CEO Peter Kanis. “Everyone put their heads into this, which I think is going to

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