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Lab grown diamonds are much cheaper, but some want the ‘real’ rock

You’ll likely be paying more than normal for that diamond engagement ring and prices may not be coming down after that.

“Every year in January retailers are sort of replenishing their inventory as they’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day. So first of all, inventories are kind of empty, and there’s a rush to buy diamonds, so that always that sort of demand creates an increase in prices,” says diamond industry analyst, Edahn Golan.

“From there on, the expectation is that we will see an increase for two reasons. First of all, the U.S. economy is good and when that happens people are more likely to purchase. And the other reason is, it’s cyclical. So, every time we see a decrease like we had in the past six months, the past year we always see a rise in demand. People kind of miss their jewelry, I guess.”

One option to save is to buy a lab-grown diamond.

Golan broke down the savings for us and it’s significant. He says his December price data shows a 2-carat diamond that’s mined costs around $9400, whereas a typical lab-grown diamond of the same size ran you $1500 — about an 84% savings.

Golan says some people care about the story and where the diamond came from and want the natural rocks.

“People in their forties, fifties, and older tend to look at lab-grown as fakes or knockoffs and those that are in their twenties and thirties such as people getting married do prefer lab-grown diamonds.”

“The American market is very price-oriented and very size-oriented. The ability to buy a much larger diamond is very appealing,” he adds.

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Barilla’s heart-shaped pasta is returning, along with a diamond-ring giveaway

Pasta brand Barilla is bringing back their heart-shaped pasta just in time to start planning your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Hitting grocery store shelves nationwide this month for a limited time, the heart-shaped pasta cooks up just like any noodle, but offers a boost of love to whatever dish you’re making.

“The response to Barilla Love last year was so overwhelmingly positive, we had to go bigger and bolder for its second year,” Jennifer Ping, vice president of marketing at Barilla US, said in a press release.

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Barilla heart-<a href=shaped pasta.” width=”800″ height=”480″ data-lazy-src=”×480-1.png”/

This is the second year Barilla has offered heart-shaped pasta for Valentine’s Day, but the first year it’s been in stores. In 2023, the pasta was only available via a giveaway that also included a free trip to Italy.

While there is no free trip this year, you can now buy as many boxes as you want — and enter to win a set of two diamond-and-ruby rings.

Dubbed “Ring-a-toni” by the brand, the rings were created by jewelry designer Alison Lou and interlock when placed together. One is hand-painted in “Barilla blue” and forms the shape of a heart when stacked, while the other has a 14 carat gold and 0.25 carat ruby band with a lab-grown 3.51 carat white diamond bezel heart.

You can enter to win the set of rings Jan. 23 – Feb. 9.

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Barilla heart-shaped pasta is returning and giving away diamond and ruby rings.

Need something to pair with your heart-shaped pasta? Tyson’s heart-shaped chicken nuggets are in stores now as well.

The nuggets are in select stores nationwide including Walmart, HEB, Publix, Albertsons and more, while supplies last.

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Man arrested for trying to swap $237K diamond ring with fake at Tiffany & Co.


A Chinese man was arrested in Singapore for attempting to switch a diamond ring with a fake one at a Tiffany & Co. store in Marina Bay Sands.

What happened: Wu Youquan, 44, chinese-man-arrested-for-exchanging-237000-tiffany-diamond-ring-with-counterfeit-4703586.html” data-ylk=”slk:was reportedly lured;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “was reportedly lured into the scheme by another Chinese national named Chen Hanbo through WeChat, who promised him a reasonable amount for stealing the 3.18-carat ring. Wu was tasked to travel to Singapore from China on Nov. 1 to photograph the 318,000 Singapore dollar ($237,000) diamond ring before he was told to switch it with a counterfeit during his second visit to the store on Nov. 20, 2023.

Busted: Although he was successful in switching out the rings, his plan was foiled when the store manager noticed a difference in the price tag. As a store employee was about to conduct a search, the Wu presented the authentic ring from his pocket and ring-with-counterfeit-4703586.html” data-ylk=”slk:pleaded for forgiveness;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “pleaded for forgiveness, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Wu’s appeal: Wu singapore-shop” data-ylk=”slk:admitted;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “admitted to theft, citing his daughter’s paralysis from an accident as a contributing factor to his offense. In mitigation, Wu, representing himself, appealed for leniency, highlighting that he did not remove the genuine ring from the store.

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Prosecutor’s request: Despite Wu’s lack of prior criminal history in Singapore and his cooperation with investigations, Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelly Ng requested a minimum of 42 months’ imprisonment for Wu, emphasizing the highly premeditated nature of his crimes. The potential penalty for theft in a dwelling under Singaporean law could be up to seven years

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15 best diamond engagement rings for 2024: From oval to princess cuts

Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal in 2024, or hoping for one? They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which is why you can’t go wrong with a sparkling diamond engagement ring when you’re planning to pop the question. Whether it’s an oval diamond engagement ring, halo, trilogy or your classic solitaire, there’s an engagement ring peppered with a diamond or two to suit all tastes and budgets. It even topped the list as the most iconic engagement ring type of 2023, with Megan Fox’s sparkler taking the top spot according a Pandora report.

And if it’s a proposal you’re hoping for, why not leave this website open on your laptop next time your other half is around…nothing like a little engagement ring inspiration to get the thoughts flowing.

How I chose the best diamond engagement rings

  • Trusted brands: I shop for a living (and have done for over 10 years) and am au fait with the brands that are known and trusted, and that includes for pricier engagement rings. The brands listed all have brilliant warranties or returns policies, and the majority offer in-person or virtual consultations if that avenue suits too.
  • Price: Naturally, engagement rings are expensive – and I’ve made sure to include rings across the pricing scale, so cover all budgets.
  • Stone: It goes without saying that all of the engagement rings are diamond engagement rings, and I’ve included a few lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Some also use recycled metals, which I’ve pointed out where applicable.
  • Metal: Not everyone is a fan of white gold or platinum, which appears to be the most common metal used in engagement rings. As well as listing a few pieces using yellow gold, I’ve called out those where you can choose the metal. Many allow the buyer to choose
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9 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024, According to Jewelers

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Here’s your sign to upgrade your jewelry collection in the new year. If you don’t know where to start, we asked top jewelers to share the coolest pieces to have on your radar now. Whether you’re eyeing a trendy tennis bracelet, looking to get a new ear piercing or shopping for the perfect engagement ring, we predict these nine jewelry trends are going to be huge in 2024. Plus, we have a few styling tricks to make your new pieces truly shine.

Meet the Experts

The 31 Best Jewelry Gifts to Slide Under the Tree This Year (Starting at $45)

1. Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Edward Berthelot/Taylor Hill/ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images

A jewelry trend that’s going to be big in 2024? Nature-inspired pieces. As Shultz explains, this style draws heavy inspiration from the outside world using flowers, leaves and butterflies as centerpieces. “Nature-inspired jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, as jewelers consistently turn to nature for influence. We are going to see more variety in the styles, which has attracted more people to the idea of it,” she shares. “These pieces can either be worn as a single statement or blended into your everyday jewelry. They add a whimsical touch to any outfit. I predict we’ll see its peak of popularity in the spring and summer.”

Shop the Trend

Shane Co.

Butterfly Earrings


Buy It

Shane Co.

Fiorella Stackable Diamond Ring


Buy It

Adina Eden

Five Butterfly Necklace

The Adina Eden Five Butterfly Necklace

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How to Create a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of The Clear Cut notes that close to 90% of her customers work on designing a bespoke ring as a team. “Most of the time during the first phone consultation or while picking out the diamonds, both people will work together and then one person will drop out for an element of surprise,” she shares. “A lot of couples collaborate financially, too. It’s a very involved process and something that’s super personal. You’re going to wear it on your hand forever, so you want to make sure that you love it and that you’re making the right investment.”

Start With Ring Education

Before you begin the process of designing a custom ring, you should educate yourself on the ins and outs of engagement rings. If you plan to have a diamond engagement ring, learning about the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) is essential. This can give you a scope of the quality, size, style, and, ultimately, cost of your center stone.

“I think budget is the biggest piece that influences what the ring inevitably looks like,” notes Gottlieb. “We always want to manage expectations for a couple, we would never want them to be trying on rings that don’t suit their budget. Upfront, have a conversation about that and then figure out what that means from a carat size perspective and what types of compromises you’re willing to make on quality to get to a certain size.”

You also should consider whether you want to purchase a natural or lab-grown diamond. Some couples prefer ethically sourced natural diamonds for their time-tested value and ability to support local mining communities, while others prefer lab-grown stones due to their lower costs and more sustainable production. Certain designers work exclusively with one type of stone,

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Betty Boothroyd’s 9-carat diamond ring for sale

Baroness Boothroyd’s 9-carat diamond ring, which she bought after claiming “a diamond can never be too large”, is to be sold at auction.

The late Speaker of the House of Commons bought the ring from her favourite Westminster jeweller, who had been tasked with finding a suitable diamond for the baroness.

When the jeweller found the diamond, he telephoned her and she asked him to bring it to The House as soon as possible, telling him: “A diamond can never be too large!”

The ring is one of a few prized possessions that belonged to Lady Boothroyd set to be auctioned this month.

The items are expected to make £200,000, with the ring alone expected to fetch between £70,000 to £100,000.

Also for sale is her black leather dispatch box bearing the cypher for Elizabeth II and Lady Boothroyd that is expected to sell for £300.

A Lachasse London cotton and silk cocktail suit worn by the baroness at Lord Lloyd-Webber’s house party in the summer of 1997 is estimated to sell for between £100 to £200.

Framed photos of her meeting Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela also feature, as well as a bust of the baroness that carries an estimate of £300 to £500.

Lady Boothroyd auctioned off some of her “life story” treasures in 2021.

At that sale, a box gifted to her by Boris Yeltsin, the late Russian president, was expected to fetch £50 but sold for £2,400.

Other items auctioned off included a limited-edition ceramic figure of Lawrence of Arabia, and personal items including costume jewellery and a mirror from her dressing room.

Other items for sale include her black leather dispatch box, and a bust of the baroness

Other items for sale include her black leather dispatch box, and a bust of the baroness – BNPS

Lady Boothroyd, who died last year at the age of 93, held an auction

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Deadline approaching for your chance to win a $15,000 diamond ring, January 9

Attention couples planning to tie the knot! Sissy’s Log Cabin wants to hear your love story and one fortunate couple stands a chance to win an engagement ring valued at $15,000, with their proposal featured during the Super Bowl on CBS, airing February 11.

To enter, visit the contest page for ‘Sissy’s Super Proposal. Enter for your chance to surprise the love of your life on the world’s biggest stage with WREG News Channel 3 and Sissy’s Super Proposal Contest!

The greatest day in sports can be the happiest day of your life with Sissy’s Super Proposal Contest.

One lucky winner will receive a gift certificate to be used toward an engagement ring valued at $15,000 from Sissy’s Log Cabin, and their proposal will be featured live on TV during the big game on February 11, 2024.

To enter, submit a video about your unique love story and tell us why you believe you should be chosen to win an an engagement ring from Sissy’s Log Cabin, and have your proposal air LIVE during Superbowl LVIII on WREG News Channel 3. Make your proposal an event they’ll never forget!

The winner and their significant other are required to select their ring by January 20, 2024 and must consent to proposing on-camera and in-store at Sissy’s Log Cabin by January 23, 2024. The winner must consent to airing their proposal during Superbowl LVII on February 11, 2024. Please see contest rules for more information.

Nominations must be received by January 9.

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