5 facts about the Vegas Golden Knights’ championship rings

Viva Las Vegas! The Vegas Golden Knights diamond-studded championship rings are here, and they are glorious.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a city dripping in glitz, gold, and glamour. There’s nothing simple about the way Las Vegas does entertainment. Even their sports teams draw big-name celebrities as fans. Why should championship rings be any different?

The Golden Knights won their first NHL title in franchise history earlier this year, earning the league’s respect after a Game 5 win over the Florida Panthers during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Per Mike Brehm of USA TODAY, the 2023 Stanley Cup champions had rings made to commemorate the occasion.

Cover your eyes. It’s about to get bright.

Here are five facts and details about Vegas’ championship rings you don’t want to miss:

Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, is a well-known jeweler to sports teams. He created and designed championship rings before the Golden Knights, including the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Rams. His jewelry is unique and about as “iced out” and “drippy” as it gets.

According to the Golden Knights team site, Owner Ben Foley expressed his excitement to have Arasheben on the project:

“Knowing the track record of Jason of Beverly Hills, I was confident that they could create a ring as distinctive as our city and as spectacular as the season this team put together,” said Foley. “It’s clear they exceeded expectations and created a design I am sure our players, staff, and fans will cherish.”

Besides pure gold, the rings have 12 carats of white and yellow diamonds. Naturally, the yellow diamonds are used to represent the Golden Knight name.

If that isn’t enough, the ring has a removable top that can be worn as a pendant. When removed from the ring, it reveals the interior of T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights’ home base. The replica rink inside has the 2023 Stanley Cup Final logo and stars representing the location of each of the team’s nine goals in Game 5.

Excuse me. I’ll be right back. I need to open all of my jewelry to see if there is a hidden compartment I missed.

Golden Knights fans will notice that these rings contain details that reflect the team. The mottos of “Vegas Born” and “Always Advance” are on the sides, connected by the Las Vegas skyline.

Inside is an engraving reading “It’s Knight Time” on the back of the removable pendant. Next, there is a nod to the team’s owner inside the band of that ring that reads “Cup in Six.” It refers to Foley’s prediction that his franchise would win a Stanley Cup during its first six years.

Foley’s words were bold. They were provocative. They got the people going. But they were true, and now, they’re in a ring.



Nothing screams “Las Vegas” like glitz, gold, and Elvis impersonators. It’s hard to walk the city streets without seeing anything to do with music or other types of performers. It’s only fitting that the “The King” would deliver rings to the team.

With the lyrics to Viva Las Vegas playing in the background, the team enlisted the help of several Elvis impersonators to hand out their new hardware.

It’s about as cheesy as it gets, but “uh huh.” It works.

When players receive their championship rings, you see the human side of sports, which is fantastic. Players yell. They scream. They say things like, “So sick.”

Sometimes, they ask weird questions like “When will it stop spinning?”

I feel you, Jack Eichel. I’ve never seen a spinning ring with diamonds like that. Either way, this is great.

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