Audrey Nicole Diamonds: A Luxury Jewelry Brand Driven by Purpose and Impact

Audrey Nicole Diamonds & Jewelry, a premium jewelry brand, is disrupting the industry with its exclusive concierge service, catering to customers’ demands for custom-made jewelry, lab diamonds, and engagement rings. Founded by Sherri Nourse, the brand artfully blends the beauty of jewelry with an exclusive online shopping experience that offers ultra-personalized service at an affordable price. Their process is completely on-line and virtual, with in person meetings when needed, but you can design, choose, and create virtually with their personal concierge services. All without the expensive overhead of brick and mortar, keep the prices right.

In today’s competitive market, brands need to stand out and stand for something that makes a difference and betters those around us to resonate with today’s consumers. Audrey Nicole Diamonds has a purpose and is working hard to make an impact by helping and empowering women through collaborations with female non-profit organizations, to help women who have experience trauma to get their lives back. They are donating with every purchase. Based out of Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California, Audrey Nicole Diamonds is a worldwide luxury jewelry brand that is changing the landscape of female-founded brands.

In a world where consumers are seeking authentic, high-quality jewelry, transparent pricing, Audrey Nicole Diamonds is leading the way. Consumers have moved away from wearing costume jewelry to wanting “real” jewelry that they can have forever and wear everywhere. “ my goal is to make high quality fine jewelry more accessable, whether that is a small eternity band or a large engagement ring’, says Nourse. By fusing her clients’ love stories, friendships, and significant events with exquisitely made engagement rings and personalized jewelry, Sherri Nourse is revolutionizing the higher-end jewelry market. Each piece of jewelry is designed to be unique and personalized, incorporating the individual personalities, styles, and family heirlooms of her clients. All to make their customers feel beautiful and their pieces made to be worn everyday! Nourse says, “jewelry is to be worn, enjoyed, and make you feel fabulous!”

But Audrey Nicole Diamonds is more than just a luxury jewelry brand. Nourse saw a void in the market for a personal concierge experience when it comes to luxury jewelry and engagement rings. With the rise of online shopping, more people are looking for an alternative to the expensive overhead of traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. Nourse says, “I want to buy jewelry online, but I want to talk to someone about it, see it virtually or through a video conference, so I can really know about what I am buying.” Audrey Nicole Diamonds provides online convenience with a personal connection, transparent pricing, and relationship to assist their customers every step of the way.

As the pandemic has stimulated an upswing in the desire for “genuine” jewelry, Audrey Nicole Diamonds is well-positioned to meet the demands of today’s consumers. With a focus on exceptional quality, striking design, customization, and individuality, each piece of jewelry is made to withstand the test of time and hold sentimental value for years to come.

Audrey Nicole Diamonds is not just a luxury jewelry brand but a brand that is driven by purpose and impact. With its unique online shopping experience, personalized service, and focus on creating jewelry that holds sentimental value, it is the go-to brand for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

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