Bethenny Frankel Slams Critics Accusing Her Of Flaunting Wealth

Bethenny Frankel is fearless in responding to haters who comment on her social media posts. The TV star deemed her critics jealous for calling her “braggy” and asked them to “get a sense of humor.” 

When Frankel shared the video of her massive diamond ring, some followers accused her of showing off her wealth. Some commenters even claimed that the large rock was fake and suggested that Frankel shouldn’t marry again. 

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Her Critics

Bethenny Frankel at Hollywood Reporter & SAG-AFTRA 3rd Annual Emmy Nominees Night

Bethenny Frankel has responded to social media critics calling her out for flashing her giant engagement ring. The reality TV star reacted to comments that she was “Braggy” about the 10-carat diamond ring she was given by her fiancé Paul Bernon. Frankel’s ring is reportedly worth between $1 million to $3 million.

According to the Daily Mail, Frankel told one critic, “Seems like it makes you feel jealous. Talk to a professional,” and another, “It’s called humor. Get a sense of it.” When one follower commented that the large diamond looked tacky, Frankel responded, saying, “Well you’re in no danger of getting it so.”

Another follower pointed out that Frankel was a security risk and in danger for wearing a ring that large. The reality TV star replied that the ring is actually stored in a “vault.” However, she’s been photographed wearing the ring publicly multiple times, so her story isn’t solid.

Bethenny Frankel Flaunted The Massive Ring On Social Media

Bethenny Frankel at the 71st Emmy Awards

In an Instagram post earlier this week, Frankel showed off her diamond ring with three stones. It has a large emerald-cut diamond sitting between two smaller stones. Bernon gave the Skinnygirl founder 

the ring when he proposed about two years ago, but the couple hasn’t held an actual wedding yet.

In her post, Frankel zoomed in on her hand to give fans a closer look at the shiny diamond. The former “Real Housewives of New York City” star captioned it, “Kind of scared about what this might mean for me… #engagementring #diamond #margarita.”

Fans Criticized Her Posts For Being Insensitive 

Bethenny Frankel

When Frankel made the post of her ring, many of her followers reacted negatively and accused her of being insensitive to the country’s rising inflation. Some said the reality TV star was a show-off and that the post was gross, even if Frankel is “rich as sh*t.”

One follower commented, “I have a huge diamond too but Im never showy about it or try to show off what I own.” Another comment suggested that Frankel’s diamonds are fake by writing, “I personally think anything over 5 carats looks fake AF even if I know it’s real.”

Another follower wrote that Frankel shouldn’t be thinking about marriage after her messy public divorce from ex-Jason Hoppy. Their comment read, “After your divorce there should not be a diamond big enough on this planet that would bind you in a marriage again. Just saying.”

Bethenny Shares Her Opinions On Aging

The controversy about Frankel showing off her diamond ring comes shortly after she shared her opinions on women aging. According to the Daily Mail, the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum spoke to The Healthy Magazine and said women need to start loving the idea of aging “like a fine wine.”

Frankel said she doesn’t like seeing women that are fighting the aging process and resisting their body’s changes. She said, “I have a daughter and I want to be young for her. It’s been great to just accept (aging).”

Frankel added, “I see people, women, so desperately clinging on to youth and doing everything they can, and every gimmick and lying about their age and every filter. It seems there’s a desperation to aging and not allowing it to happen like in fine wine.”

The reality TV star also shared that she’s okay with her younger family members seeing her as a “dorky aunt” as she ages. She explained that she enjoys being older because “you have to be comfortable in your own skin and you get to be that dorky aunt.”

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