‘Fly, Human, Fly’: Running shoes brand HOKA opens first concept store in Philippines

Luisa Morales – Philstar.com

February 15, 2023 | 3:09pm

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine running community has just received a jolt with the availability of elite running shoes and accessories as international sportswear brand HOKA opened its first concept store in the country on Wednesday.

At Ayala Malls Manila Bay, HOKA Philippines welcomed elite runners, athletes and weekend warriors alike to a store that features a wide array of the brand’s products.

From different kinds of shoes for running, trekking and hiking to lifestyle pieces, HOKA looks to bring the sport of running closer to the Filipino consumer.

“This has been going on for a few months in terms of preparation. We had to make sure that this is the best place for the brand to host the very first store,” said HOKA Philippines senior brand manager Mikki Quilala.

“It’s a very technical store, there’s a lot of features that are not really present that you will see on a normal store — our kinetic lights, our volumental footscanner there, an experience era with their curved videotron, so a lot of work in terms of planning, some challenges along the way also happened. We wanted to open a little earlier but it is what it is. We’re very happy that it’s finally open now,” he added.

Aside from running shoes, the store features apparel and anything else a runner may need from caps to socks, among others.

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a casual just starting to get off of the couch to begin your fitness journey with running, Quilala says there is something for you in HOKA.

“Well for HOKA, I think it serves a wide range of customers, of runners. From the different models, it caters to a different range or distance of training,” he said.

“There’s a wide range of products that caters to different people and even for people that are low arch, flat footed, we also have those kinds of shoes… I think once you get to try it and once you get to experience the brand, it speaks for itself.”

The opening of the concept store in Ayala Malls Manila Bay was also welcomed by the HOKA Run Club, which has been around for a couple of months now.

With close to a 100 members already, Quilala said that the brand also looks to strengthen the running community in the area and encourage people to try it for themselves.

“Well basically, the HOKA Run Club has started maybe close to a year. It’s something that is near and dear to the heart of HOKA, we want to make sure that we just not are here to sell shoes, but we build a community of runners, of athletes, because that’s first and foremost the priority.” he said. “We wanna make sure that we encourage as much people to go into running, sports, to exercise,”

As for other stores in the country, Quilala said that they are still in talks with the brand but have a couple of other locations up for approval. Before the year ends, HOKA wants to have a few more stores up in Metro Manila.

“If that works, if we get the sign off then we’ll probably have two more within the year,” he said.

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