Get Hailey Bieber’s Viral ‘Glazed Donut’ Nails Without Professional Chrome Powder

DIY *the* manicure of the summer at home.

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If there’s a single celebrity-inspired beauty trend that has absolutely dominated summer 2022, it’s Hailey Bieber‘s glazed-donut manicure. Her pale pink, pearly, iridescent nails are simultaneously neutral and eye-catching, and they’re flattering on any skin tone, which has made them a viral sensation on TikTok.

While Bieber wore the look to the Met Gala back in May, it didn’t truly begin to take off until she made the press rounds for the launch of her skin-care brand Rhode over the summer. Bieber was touting the concept of “glazed-donut skin” and how to get it with her peptide-laced serum and moisturizer, but the rest of the internet wanted to know more about her glazed-donut nails. Refinery29 beauty editor Megan Decker took the opportunity while interviewing Bieber to ask about said manicure; the video got shared via Refinery29’s TikTok, and the trend began to captivate the beauty community.

Salons have been seeing a major uptick in clients looking to re-create the glazed donut manicure, according to Rachel Apfel Glass, the founder of Glosslab, which has nail salon locations across the country. “The shimmery glazed donut nail look has definitely been a popular ask among our clients. With the help of Hailey’s beautiful nails and social media, this mani has really taken off,” she says. She attributes its virality to the fact that it’s both “clean and simple — yet eye catching and bright.” It plays into the minimalist “clean girl” aesthetic popularized on TikTok while still carrying a certain maximalism, so it seems to truly resonate with a wide variety of style preferences.

Glass predicts that the trend will only continue over the next few months. “It’s the perfect transition trend from summer to fall, being that it is both bright, yet neutral,” she says, adding that it’s a truly accessible look for all skin tones and nail shapes. “While Hailey’s nails are long and almond shaped, I dare anyone to try it whether your nails are short, long, square or otherwise — I have a feeling you love it.”

In a recent TikTok video created for OPI, Bieber and her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, shared the specific products they use to create the glazed-donut manicure: They start with the brand’s GelColor in Funny Bunny, layered beneath a clear top coat, and then buff on professional chrome-effect powder (OPI Tin Man Can) to create the iridescent, light-reflecting finish.

While Bieber’s exact manicure requires a pro-only chrome power, it is possible to mimic that same glow-y vibe without it, says Glass. At Glosslab, nail techs layer a “light, white polish, followed by a coat of shimmer gel polish,” which is also pretty doable at home should you choose to go the DIY route. Following Glass’s white-then-shimmer process, this look can also be customized by tweaking the color of the top coat (for example, choosing one with more of a rose-gold tone to give it more warmth).

In the gallery below, we’ve rounded up 13 polishes that can be mixed, matched and layered to create glazed donut nails at home — no chrome powder, professional products or gel curing lamps necessary.

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