Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Mother-Daughter Date to Michael Kors

Unsurprisingly, Ellen Pompeo can carry on a full conversation while having eyelash glue applied to her face.

“I’ve been doing it a long time,” Pompeo says as makeup artist Hung Vanngo works his magic.

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The “Grey’s Anatomy” star — and glam chair pro — is in New York for a few days, the cornerstone event being attending Michael Kors’ show Wednesday morning. The trip provided a good excuse for a little mother-daughter trip, so Pompeo has brought along her 8-year-old daughter Sienna; they spent Valentine’s Day having a playdate with one of Sienna’s friends, and are off to the Kors show together.

While Pompeo gets glammed, sipping coconut water as Aaliyah and Boyz II Men play overhead, Sienna hangs out near her mom, playing with toys in her pajamas.

“It was a nice little chance for us to just have a little time together,” Pompeo says of the girls’ trip.

It will be Sienna’s second fashion show after the whole family traveled to Italy last year for a Dolce & Gabbana show.

“I’m looking forward to actually seeing Sienna’s face,” Pompeo says of taking her daughter to the Kors show. “She’s 8 years old, but she loves the glamour.”

While Wednesday was the first Kors runway show she’d attended, Pompeo has known the designer for years.

“Back in the day when the Met Ball was a little more of a smaller event, a little more of a New York event, I used to go with him,” she said. “I went as his date a couple of times.”

Now that she is stepping back some from her role as a regular on “Grey’s,” Pompeo has more time to do things like come to New York for a fashion show, as well as star in other projects. She’ll next be seen in an eight episode yet-to-be-titled Hulu series, and remains open to new possibilities.

“It feels so fun. Because now I get to travel more. You know what I mean? So it’s really well-earned. I’ve had so many years where the show takes up so much of your time, so this is the first time I’ve been traveling so much since I’ve been not working. I’ve come to New York like four times, and I went to Dubai and Utah to go skiing. It’s a lot of freedom,” she says. “And prepping the new show, the Hulu show, has been exciting, to get to work on something else.

“I think streaming is so good,” she adds. “The eight-episode thing is so much better for me, especially as someone who’s been on a network show for so long. Streaming is really a nice schedule. A few months and then you’re done. To do eight episodes is perfect. I’m very excited to do that. To do a limited series and not be committed to anything.”

And with that, the Pompeo girls got ready, mom in a gold fringe skirt with coordinating turtleneck and Sienna in a black dress and bomber jacket from Michael Kors’ kids line, worn with her own Doc Martens. The look got final approval from Ellen as they were headed out the door, with what is likely a major compliment to receive:

“You look like Wednesday!” Pompeo told her daughter.

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