Meghan Markle wears $2,800 diamond ring which has a special ’empowering’ message

Meghan Markle is known for her charity work and strong feminist beliefs, with the Duchess of Sussex even making sure to send a special message with her jewellery

Meghan Markle has some beautiful jewellery pieces

Meghan Markle has a beautiful jewellery collection, but one piece in particular carries a very special message.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, treated herself to a new diamond ring last year from luxury jewellery brand Shiffon Co and it has an “empowering” meaning behind it

The ring, which is the company’s 1972 Tennis Pinky Ring, was created “in honour of the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark legislation that paved the way for women in sports.”

According to Shiffon Co’s website, the piece of jewellery “pays homage to the iconic Tennis Bracelet”.

The ring, which costs $2,800 (£2,130), also helps to support women as 19.72 percent of profits go into a Women in Sports Investment fund which invests in women-led sorts companies, including health and wellness brands.

Meghan Markle’s ring has an ’empowering message’(Getty Images)

Shilpa Yarlagadda is the woman behind Shiffon Co and she said it was “such an amazing moment” to see Meghan wear her ring.

“I’ve always been super inspired by her. I listened to her UN Women’s speech when I was in high school. I watched Suits and I was a part of an organization called One Young World,” she explained.

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