Popilush Shaper Dress is the True Representative of Women’s Fashion

Popilush Shaper Dress is the True Representative of Women's Fashion

Fashion is updated every year, but it also rescues old trends and reinvents others. The case is to keep your own style always high and use creativity.

You can play with prints, glitter or invest in more symmetrical and different pieces. Cargo pants full of pockets, pleated skirt dominate the trends of the year. But the dress continues to be a pioneer in creating looks that follow the fashion of the moment, as it is a timeless piece.

You can try a strapless shapewear slip to create a unique look or maybe give straps and long sleeves a new look. The fact is that the Popilush Shaper Dress never goes out of style and can accompany you in many compositions.

The Popilush Shaper Dress gives you the following benefits:

  • Good waist flattening
  • Helps with posture alignment
  • Butt and breast lift
  • Freedom and comfort
  • Fabric with modern technology

1- Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

Popilush Shaper Dress is the True Representative of Women's Fashion

The Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress is one of the most beautiful models in the Popilush catalogue. Although they all are, it’s even hard to choose. The factor is that it gives you a perfect full body shape for whatever event you need to attend.

You can look elegant by choosing the color Army Green, one of the trends of the year. The dress has body shaper underneath, giving you smoothness and a natural look without any apparent markings.

Tummy flattening is achieved through the dual-layer waist control to create an hourglass design.

You can use it to go to work or go shopping at the supermarket. No matter the choice, it is an adaptive piece. A built in shapewear dress gives you a perfect fit through the adjustable straps that make the dress fit well on any body type.  

The butt lift promotes a perfect BBL effect, much desired by women. In addition, the built-in bra eliminates the need for underwear to support the breasts. The pads are removable, adapting to everyday needs.

The open reinforcement is an extremely important item, as it facilitates trips to the bathroom without generating complications in the woman’s routine. The modal fabric perfectly absorbs moisture, leaving you always dry.

Popilush Shaper Dress is the True Representative of Women's Fashion

2- Built-In Shapewear Slip Midi Lounge Dress

The Built-In Shapewear Slip Midi Lounge Dress It is a model with a cut that highlights your sensuality in a subtle way. It can be used in conjunction with various overlays.

It looks good with a blazer, tailored vests. You can even layer it with a feminine button-down blouse with fun prints to create a fun and fashion look. 

Try geometric, animal print, plaid, and even floral prints for a more delicate look.

This shaper dress promotes full-body modeling and the construction using modal fabric gives it a pleasant touch in contact with the skin, in addition to absorbing moisture.

The butt lift gives you the BBL effect and the symmetrical tummy is due to the dual layer waist control. A well-designed waist, free of imperfections with nuisances. 

All the benefits you get through Popilush shapewear dresses deliver you the best of fashion and yourself always!

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