RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Weighs In on Monica Garcia, Lisa Ring Drama

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks is spilling the tea — and sharing her opinion — on costars Monica Garcia and Lisa Barlow’s alleged ring scandal.

Meredith, 52, exclusively told Us Weekly on the latest “Housewives Happy Hour” episode that she has “no reason to believe” that Monica, 40, stole Lisa’s diamond ring.

“I mean, she did have a ring that looks very similar on her hand, but she said it was from Amazon,” Meredith explained. “I have no reason to believe it. I wasn’t in the bathroom. I have no context for that whatsoever.”

During a September episode of the Bravo series, Lisa, 49, misplaced her $60,000 diamond band while in a public bathroom. Monica was then seen with a similar ring, which sparked a rumor among fans who thought she might’ve taken it.

HOSLC s Meredith Marks Reveals If She Thinks Monica Garcia Stole Lisa Barlow s Ring
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“I don’t think any of the women actually ever said that. I think there was some rumor that got started online,” Meredith told Us, noting, “I don’t think anyone believes that either.”

Monica addressed the rumors last month at BravoCon, joking, “Rich people steal stuff too.” She proceeded to tell TVLine in November that she is innocent. “It’s not like it was just me that was in that bathroom. I wasn’t even in there when she dropped it. I did not take it,” Monica claimed.

The drama between Monica and Lisa may have been fan hearsay, but Meredith told Us in December that fabricated story lines on the show have happened in the past. She revealed that “there’s only one” former castmate that has owned up to pretending on camera. “They told me,” Meredith teased before taking a sip of her wine to avoid giving a name.

Meredith chose not to out any RHOSLC stars, but she did get real about her own ups and downs on the series. The Bravo personality dished to Us about her “shadiest” moment onscreen, pointing to another scandal involving Lisa.

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She revealed she’d gladly take back “making any negative commentary at all, which I want to say was very limited, [about Lisa].” Meredith insisted, “I did not say all those rumors about Lisa. I just said there were these rumors, but I regret making that commentary.”

Meredith made waves during season 3 after she brought up rumors about Lisa to her costars, one of which was telling Whitney Rose, “I just heard that she was doing favors to help get places to pick up Vida Tequila.”

Watch the exclusive video above for more of Meredith’s “Housewives Happy Hour” secrets — including the last thing she texted Andy Cohen.

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