Robyn Lee Watson from South Lakes Salon talks about ASD

Robyn Lee Watson opened her first salon in 2019 and has trained with some of the industry’s biggest brands – but now she is sharing her unique success story to reassure aspiring hairdressers that nothing can hold you back.

Robyn runs a salon specialising in hair cutting, colouring and bridal styling as well as beauty and relaxation called The South Lakes Salon at 127 Station Road, Cark.

Robyn, aged 33, is opening up about her recent ASD diagnosis and how she managed her business the years before while navigating the symptoms that are often stigmatised.

Robyn was finally diagnosed with ASD after feeling different her whole life.

Despite many mental health interventions it took a well-trained psychologist to link all her symptoms together, which led to an assessment over 12 months to confirm Autism Spectrum Disorder.

After her diagnosis, Robyn has changed the way she runs her business to help manage the symptoms of ASD and maintain a sense of well-being by being more structured.

“It’s 100% all in the planning,” she said.

“I opened my first salon at 21 because I always wanted my own place, somewhere to nurture and make a success.

 “I started hairdressing straight from school and worked in a few well-known salons which enabled me to travel across the globe to Australia to work. Eventually I came home to open my own business in 2016 and started forming a professional relationship with Salon Promotions.

“There definitely is a stigma in the industry when it comes to ASD in that people think the two just don’t go hand in hand. I know the stigma goes so much further than our industry but I would love to educate people within the salon sector not only on ASD but on improving mental health as well. We spend our days making others feel great we often forget about ourselves.

“I want to use my platform encourage young girls and boys to feel worthy of success and appreciation no matter their situation or circumstance. Growing up with the difficulties I faced, I could have very easily gone other ways but with determination and passion I fought to be where I am.”

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