Closer look at Abby Viduya’s diamond engagement ring

Earlier this week, celebrity couple Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana made headlines after confirming their official engagement.

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In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on August 20, 2023, the actress happily obliged when asked to share more details.

Jomari’s proposal took place at The Peak—which has a splendid view of the world-famous Victoria Harbour—in Hong Kong.

Abby further said, “Ang funny lang kasi nauna yung pag-asikaso ng wedding and pamamanhikan.”

The trip doubled as a celebration for Jomari’s belated 47th birthday, which fell on August 16.

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Asked to give more details about her ring, Abby opted to send a close-up photo of her engagement ring to’s head of correspondents, Arniel Serato.

A jeweler said the size is at least 3 carats.

The cost?

According to Janis Fine Jewelry, the price of 3-carat round-cut diamond rings in the Philippines ranges from PHP1.2 million to PHP2.5 million, especially those that are certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Abby Viduya


In a previous interview, Abby revealed that the civil wedding will most likely happen in November 2023.

The couple plans to exchange their vows in Las Vegas, Nevada, surrounded by their closest family members.

Abby told, “We’re going to Vegas. We’re gonna pull-off a JLo and Ben Affleck wedding. Kasi, gusto namin na kami lang dalawa at first.”



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