What is Frank Ocean’s net worth? Rapper’s brand Homer launches $25K diamond-encrusted gold penis ring

Frank Ocean only makes the headlines when he wants to and the rapper has once again managed to raise the eyebrows after his luxury brand company Homer announced a new line of accessories that includes pendants, earrings, a keychain, and a diamond-encrusted penis ring. The newly launched ring has been dubbed “XXXL H-Bone Ring” and is priced at a whopping $25K.
The 18-karat gold ring was promoted on the Instagram page of Frank Ocean’s company where a Black man’s torso is visible while wearing the ring with their genitals blurred out. It is unclear if the 34-year-old artist posed for the photo but it was captioned as, “PHOTO: frank “PACO” ocean.” The press release of Ocean’s new luxury product stated that it “represents carving history into stone”, as reported by Complex. The ‘Channel Orange’ hitmaker’s brand was launched in 2021.
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What is Frank Ocean’s net worth?

From ghostwriting for top global artists to songwriting and then carving his own path as a singer and rapper, Frank Ocean cemented his position in the industry as one of the most creative minds. The California native might have dropped only four albums since his debut in 2011 but they are all considered as some of the most iconic projects ever released.
Frank Ocean, who shot to fame with hits like ‘Ivy’, Pyramids’, ‘Pink+White’, ‘Chanel’, ‘Nights’, and others is known for his compelling lyrics and unorthodox sound. He is a two-time Grammy winner and in 2013 was listed as 100 most influential people in the world by Times Magazine. Speaking of his net

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