A Bride Is Reunited With the Diamond From Her Engagement Ring After Her Wedding Photographer Spotted the Missing Gem

Laura Palacios, the wedding photographer, noticed the jewel was gone after looking through the photos she took.

<p>Photo by <a href="https://www.laurapalaciosphoto.com/">Laura Palacios Photography</a></p>

When wedding photographer Laura Palacios was looking at the photos she took of a couple’s nuptials, she discovered something unexpected. Based on the images, the diamond on the bride’s engagement ring seemed to have slipped off of her band at some point in the evening. Palacios posted about the mishap on TikTok on May 13, 2023, and the viral clip has accumulated 13.7 million views, 641,100 likes, and nearly 700 comments. “Scrolling back through the camera still at the wedding,” the photographer wrote at the beginning of the video. Palacios shared a few close-up shots of the bride’s engagement ring with her diamond still intact. Then, she uploaded a photo of the gold band with a hollow center. “The giant diamond is gone,” the photographer continued in the caption.

Many TikTok users flocked to the comments section, sharing their thoughts and concerns. Some noticed that the band didn’t have any prongs, which is a small piece of metal that holds the center stone in place. “That’s the most unsafe setting!” one account exclaimed. “No prongs.” Another wrote, “No prongs? Was it hot glued in?” Others shared similar experiences with diamond rings. “During engagement photos one time my brides ring FLEW off her hand and got ran over by a car!!” one user exclaimed. “Thankfully, we found it and minimal damage.” Someone else recounted her own experience by explaining, “My diamond fell out twice! Apparently gold is really weak 😂 they put silver prongs on it and it’s fine now.” Of course, the most pressing comment was: “DID YOU FIND IT?”

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