The 12 Prettiest Gel Nail Designs of 2022

If you have a nail appointment coming up and are thinking about getting a gel manicure, you might be looking for some inspiration to see your nails through autumn. And you’ve come to the right place! With the turn of the season comes a whole dose of new shades and nail art designs to try. Plus, the pros of a gel manicure means that your nail design will last around two weeks, and will stay chip-free too. No more painting your nails every couple of days.

At Who What Wear, when we look for gel nail designs, we typically turn to what the fashion set are wearing. After a little Instagram digging into the accounts of our favourite celebrities, editors and influencers, you can usually find the talented nail technicians behind their seriously cool nail designs. They are the ones who, in my eyes, really shape the shades and nail designs that we’ll all be wearing each season.

Now that we’re looking towards autumn/winter, I was curious what nail designs and nail colours are beginning to crop up now that the seasons are changing. So, I took to my feed to have a scroll on some of my favourite celebrity nail technicians’ accounts. Keep reading below to find out the best gel nail designs for autumn to make deciding on your next manicure colour or designing much easier— you are welcome!

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