Diamond Dallas Page Says He’s Looking Forward To Seeing Britt Baker Back In The Ring

Diamond Dallas Page gives an update on Britt Baker.

Fans haven’t seen Britt Baker on AEW TV since September 2023 as she’s been sidelined with injury. She is remaining active though, recently working out with Diamond Dallas Page at the DDP Yoga studio.

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“She’s been off TV for a while because of injury. She’s coming back, she looks amazing. Her body looks great and she was blown away by the pump that she got. She was live and ready to go. She was a little intimidated by the cold plunge, as most everybody is who has never done it. She got in there. It’s all mental. Within a minute, she owned it. She stayed for three minutes. It’s like 41 degrees,” DDP said on Busted Open Radio, noting that Britt did the cold plunge and worked out on the mat and with weights. “It was a great day all around. Just talking about the business, what she wants to do when she comes back and all of that. She’s a top talent. You’re looking at men and women, you’re looking at Britt. What she’s done as a character, as a promo, and what she’s done in the ring. I’m looking forward to seeing her get back.”

It is unknown when Baker will return to the ring.

Fightful will update fans on her status when more is known.

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