Here are today’s 5 best Amazon deals

Make the most of summer with deep discounts. (Photo: Amazon)

Make the most of summer with deep discounts. (Photo: Amazon)

Ready for a break? Us too. Shopping Amazon deals during your downtime is the perfect way to slide into the weekend. That’s why our team has scoured the mega-site to put together a quick-and-dirty list of the top deals of today for you.

So what are today’s best Amazon deals? How ’bout mega-popular Crocs that also happen to be nearly 50% off? You can also score a new motivational water bottle at a deep discount. Or maybe you’re headed to the beach for a vacay — there’s a sand-proof beach blanket at a 40% savings. There’s a lot to explore!

Let’s have a closer look at these stellar Amazon deals, shall we?


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If you’re a creature of comfort, this is the shoe for you. Beloved by chefs, medical workers and kids alike, Crocs are lightweight, easy to clean, quick-drying and water-friendly, too.

$50 at Amazon

Crocs are, quite simply, the epitome of foot-pampering footwear. First of all, these unisex shoes are lightweight and breathable; in fact, they’re even perforated for air circulation. But it’s their soft, rubber construction and arch-supporting, shock-absorbing sole that make them truly superior.

“BABYYYYY My feet are in heaven,” exclaimed a five-star fan. “I have issues with my arches and typically wear arch supports in my shoes so that I can both walk better and so my feet don’t hurt. “The support I felt, the cushion I felt, the [prickly] things in the shoe that massage my feet… it all was surreal.”

There’s a lot to love about this 64-ounce water bottle, but the big draw is its fun motivational sayings that encourage you to keep gulping down the H2O. You’ll be encouraged by phrases like “REMEMBER YOUR GOAL” and

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