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They say “beauty is pain” but at Ulta, it really doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Even the most beauty-obsessed shopper may not know, but Ulta Beauty has a few extra tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making you look and feel your very best. Did you know that inside some of their stores, there is a full-service salon?

Now you know, and we advise you make an appointment ASAP, as after we reviewed the hair, makeup and brow services ahead of New York Fashion Week, we highly recommend a night of pampering for yourself.

Not near an Ulta Beauty Salon, or want to try your hand at a DIY? We have you covered, as during the services, we recorded each and every product and step along the way, helping you recreate the salon services at home.

Ulta Beauty Salon Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar

A before and after of brow wax
After not trimming or shaping my brows (top) for weeks, you can see the tremendous difference in my brow shape after the service (bottom)
Sophie Cannon

Bushy, slim, arched or straight, brows of all shapes and sizes are welcome at the Ulta Beauty Salon. In many stores, the brow services are done outside the salon, at the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar by their full shelf of products. My brows needed a wax and a trim ($22 for the service), and so I allowed my brow expert go to work. She mapped out my perfect shape, waxed the larger parts and then trimmed them up with scissors and tweezers. Afterward, don’t forget the calming serum, as my face was pretty red afterward due to my fair complexion.

1. Precisely, My Brow Pencil Eyebrow Definer, $25

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