The Champagne Diamond Is 2023’s Sparkliest Engagement Ring Trend

If this is the year of the anti-bride, then naturally, the next thing to fall by the wayside after “something blue” is the engagement ring. Specifically, the traditional diamond. While gemstones are popular (partially thanks to Princess Diana’s iconic stunner), the one stone jumping to the forefront this season is the champagne diamond.

According to Google Trends, search interest for this piece of jewelry hit its peak last January, and now jewelers are starting to see the effects. VENVS founder Haley Biemiller has seen an uptick in requests for the champagne diamond in custom designs as well as ready-to-wear this year, and with all the buzz over “quiet luxury,” it’s poised to fit right in. Here, Biemiller explains everything you need to know, including what differentiates the champagne diamond from clear diamonds and how to pair them with different metals.

Meet the Expert

Haley Biemiller is the co-founder of the LGBTQ+ owned jewelry brand VENVS, which specializes in non-traditional unique jewelry for non-traditional couples. VENVS often works with innovative stones and settings, including gemstones and “imperfect” diamonds.

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What Is a Champagne Diamond?

Warm, sparkling, bubbly. Like a glass of Moët & Chandon, a champagne diamond bears its name because of the resemblance to its refreshing (and sophisticated) counterpart. Biemiller says that diamonds with warmer tones fall into this category, including browns, reds, oranges and yes, that lukewarm champagne color. But don’t get them mixed up with the pure yellow diamond, which is intense and unmistakable in its shade. (The most dazzling example of the latter is probably the Tiffany Diamond.)

How Is a Champagne Diamond Formed?

Though this stone bears a name that suggests it’s a cut above the

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