Toronto Argonauts players, coaches and staff receive their ’22 Grey Cup rings

TORONTO — The mystery, anticipation and then celebration never get old for Mike (Pinball) Clemons. The Toronto Argonauts received their 2022 Grey Cup rings Thursday night during a private dinner.

TORONTO — The mystery, anticipation and then celebration never get old for Mike (Pinball) Clemons.

The Toronto Argonauts received their 2022 Grey Cup rings Thursday night during a private dinner. For Clemons, the club’s affable GM, it’s the seventh championship ring he’s earned as a player, head coach and executive with the storied franchise since coming aboard in 1990.

“I’d suggest winning the Grey Cup is one of the most refreshing experiences that I’ve had in life,” Clemons said. “It’s a very nice way to put a bow on 2022 and maybe the pandemic itself and the challenges it presented.”

The CFL didn’t stage a season in 2020 due to the global pandemic. It resumed play in 2021 with a reduced 14-game campaign before staging a full 18-game schedule last year without protocols.

Clemons was involved in the ring design but didn’t see the finished product until Thursday. He said it was definitely worth the wait.

“I did get a chance to see the process,” he said. “But the end result was, ‘Wow.'”

The ring features 308 diamonds in 10 carat white gold with a custom blue sapphire top stone in Toronto’s boat logo.

Baron Championship Rings, of Tecumseh, Ont., was the manufacturer. The company specializes in championship rings, having created them for the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers, NBA’s Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto FC of MLS, the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and Hockey Canada, to name but a few.

“We’re pretty excited about it and really happy with the outcome,” said Baron CEO Peter Kanis. “Everyone put their heads into this, which I think is going to

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‘Fly, Human, Fly’: Running shoes brand HOKA opens first concept store in Philippines

Luisa Morales –

February 15, 2023 | 3:09pm

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine running community has just received a jolt with the availability of elite running shoes and accessories as international sportswear brand HOKA opened its first concept store in the country on Wednesday.

At Ayala Malls Manila Bay, HOKA Philippines welcomed elite runners, athletes and weekend warriors alike to a store that features a wide array of the brand’s products.

From different kinds of shoes for running, trekking and hiking to lifestyle pieces, HOKA looks to bring the sport of running closer to the Filipino consumer.

“This has been going on for a few months in terms of preparation. We had to make sure that this is the best place for the brand to host the very first store,” said HOKA Philippines senior brand manager Mikki Quilala.

“It’s a very technical store, there’s a lot of features that are not really present that you will see on a normal store — our kinetic lights, our volumental footscanner there, an experience era with their curved videotron, so a lot of work in terms of planning, some challenges along the way also happened. We wanted to open a little earlier but it is what it is. We’re very happy that it’s finally open now,” he added.

Aside from running shoes, the store features apparel and anything else a runner may need from caps to socks, among others.

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Madame Tussauds Unveils New Rihanna Wax Figure Dressed in 2018 Met Gala Look

A new wax figure is dazzling bright in this museum ahead of the Super Bowl.

Rihanna was recently celebrated with a new wax figure that was unveiled by Madame Tussauds in New York City ahead of her highly anticipated appearance as the Super Bowl LVII halftime performer.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the figure graces the museum’s Glow Room, decked out in the singer’s 2018 Met Gala look that caught the attention of the public as she walked the red carpet, dressed as the pope in a Maison Margiela design by John Galliano.

The fashion ensemble features the diamond and crystal encrusted skirt and overcoat, worn by the superstar, who matched the look with a diamond-encrusted manicure.

“Rihanna is sure to make history with her upcoming live show this Sunday so the timing is perfect for us to reveal her new figure exclusively at Madame Tussauds New York where fans can admire and pose with the icon,” Joerg Hanel, General Manager at Madame Tussauds New York, said in a statement.

The Museum also teased an upcoming figure of Rihanna that is being constructed to feature the “Work” singer’s Super Bowl LVII halftime look. The figure will be placed at the Madame Tussauds in Orlando, FL later this year.

As Rihanna’s performance date for the Super Bowl LVII halftime show swiftly approaches, reveals like the wax figure unveiling and other news for the artist have been dropping back to back.

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, sources revealed that Rihanna will be announcing dates for a new North American tour for 2023, following her Super Bowl performance. Sources also teased that dates for a 2024 European tour are in the works.

“Her plan is to set up mini residencies in major cities rather than visit multiple places,” an

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Zalora Has A New “Supermart” Pop-Up Store With Exclusive Adidas Merch

The Supermart by Zalora

So you accidentally went ham online and bought a mountain of clothes. But when your haul arrives, the jeans don’t fit and the white top is actually beige.

We get it: online shopping can be a hit or miss. That’s why we’re coming through with good news. There’s a pop-up shop in town that lets you try on gear IRL, add them to your cart via your phone, sleep on it, and place an order online later. Meet The Supermart by Zalora.

Snap up exclusive adidas goodies

Adidas fans and stans are in for a treat because the shelves at this pop-up are stocked with 90 Zalora exclusive 3-stripes brand products.


Located at Bugis Junction, The Supermart carries clothes, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Between shorts, tees, hats, and shoes, you might be lost in the fitting room for hours. And that’s okay because you’d want to make sure your fit fits like a glove and not gape or give you camel toes.


To add the chosen items to your shopping basket, simply use your phone to scan the QR code on them. Easy peasy.


After that, you’ll have the option of placing your order immediately or checking it out at home.

Score limited edition merch & collectibles

The road to practising self-restraint at The Supermart is about to get real tough now that there are gifts involved.


In order to secure an adicolor Festival Bag, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $90 on adidas products at the pop-up store and this sporty bag is yours. 

adidas-zaloraThe foil pouch resembles tea leaf pouches.

It’ll also be packed in a quirky foil pouch designed by local artist Hoon Jialing.


If you’ve been eyeing the Essentials Logo

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Visit Kampot app a tourism boon

To promote tourist destinations in his home province of Kampot, Hang Panhaka took it upon himself to establish an online social community network and app which introduces new destinations and shares introductions from local business owners.

He believes the application will provide a convenient service to tourists, both domestic and international.

Hang Panhaka, 29, has always wanted to promote tourism in his province since he was in high school.

“When I was at high school, I rarely left home. One day, I found a waterfall in the forest, and it struck me – there is so much beauty all around that needs to be shared with people,” he told The Post.

Since his epiphany, Panhaka has dedicated himself to promoting tourism. He studied tourist management at the Regional Polytechnic Institute Techo Sen Kampot, and expects to be able to use his skills to build something which will benefit his province.

He created the Facebook page Visit Kampot in 2018 after noting that there were not as many visitors as he thought his province deserved, given its spectacular mountain and many natural wonders.

“Even most of our Cambodian visitors don’t know about these hidden gems. They come to visit Kampot but pass by so many destinations that are worth their time,” he said.

He wanted to fill in the gaps and let visitors know more about these attractions, so that more people would take the time to explore the province.

“I realised that a Facebook page could provide information and was a good way of promoting our province to our visitors,” he added.

He started posting information but did not have access to high quality, attractive pictures. This was when he started thinking about the promotional images of famous foreign tourist destinations which he had seen.

“I knew I was

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Frost Yourself: A Ring Set With Nearly 30,000 Diamonds Breaks A World Record

Named “Ami” meaning immortality, the ring with the most diamonds in the world weighs 340 grams and is worth $95,243.

Indian jewelry company SWA Diamonds broke the diamonds-set-in-one-ring”Guinness World Record for most diamonds set in one ring. In a single piece, they set 24,679 diamonds after its initial design last May. It took almost three months for the computer-aided design to be completed. 

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“There is no greater joy than to live your dreams the way you were meant to. Our team feels accomplished and satisfied after knowing we have earned a new Guinness World Records title,” SWA Diamond’s managing director, Abdul Gafar Anadiyan, said. “It marks the triumph of entrepreneurship in the diamond sector of our state.”

Although its carats were not announced, the ring weighs 340 grams (three-quarters of a pound) and is worth $95,243. 

Intricate design

Named “The Touch of Ami,” its design is inspired by the pink oyster mushroom, which symbolizes immortality and longevity. SWA Diamonds achieved the intricate structure of the ring by ring-world-record-most-diamonds-in-single-ring/40694779#”pouring liquid gold into a mold to form 41 unique mushroom petals. After, each of the thousands of natural diamonds was handset. 

The previous holder of the record title was Meerut-based jeweler Harshit Bansal. In 2020, he encrusted a floral-inspired ring with 12,638 diamonds—just about half of what The Touch of Ami’s is adorned with.

SWA Diamonds are one of its country’s leading jewelry manufacturers. According to Luxuo, the Indian gems and jewelry industry is one of the most significant in the world, contributing to 29 percent of global sales. 

Banner photo from the Guinness World Record’s official website.

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Kim Kardashian reveals consequences of Met Gala diet

Kim Kardashian is living proof of why weight loss and diet tricks can be dangerous. Recently, she revealed that eating meat before the Met Gala caused her psoriasis to flare intensely. It came to the point that she couldn’t even move her hands.

The business mogul and influencer said she had to switch to a full-on plant-based diet before the Met Gala. Although she already had a long-time existing Psoriatic arthritis, this time it appeared so severely. This is according to her recent interview with Allure.

Furthermore, Psoriasis is an irritable skin condition that causes scaly, red patches. While Kardashian’s Psoriatic arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease that directly affects people with an existing Psoriasis. 

Kardashian has been open about her condition since her doctor diagnosed her illness in 2011. She even told her fans before that her skin condition had worsened. 

In her interview with Allure, she said that her extreme diet is the culprit of her Psoriasis flare-up. Kardashian’s diet led her to lose 16 pounds in three weeks just to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” iconic dress. 

While Kardashian successfully fitted in the dress, it triggered a “really painful” psoriasis flare-up. She follows a strict plant-based diet to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s dress size. 

Before the Met Gala, Kardashian returned to eating meat to follow the rules of her “strict” sugar-free and carb-free diet. Moreover, she is also a chief taste consultant of the famous plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat.

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