What Makes Lab Diamond Ring the Best Purchase for Engagement Day?

What Makes Lab Diamond Ring the Best Purchase for Engagement Day?

The market offers various engagement ring collections so choosing any one becomes tough. An engagement ring is a special kind of shopping that needs much attention and buyers have to be very sure about their choice. A diamond ring for engagement day is a traditional choice that is still adored by people. t. In recent times, there have been some changes in the preferences of ring buyers as they are vastly fascinated by lab grown diamonds Germany rings.

Real diamond ring has always been the eye catching type of ring that makes everyone crazy. The real mined diamond ring is so pure that it comes with forever lasting quality with excellent brilliance. For engagement day, buyers look for something extraordinary that they can cherish forever. A ring type that has made buyers fall in love instantly with its quality is lab diamond rings. For special occasions, buyers are now choosing lab diamond ring over other ring options.

For engagement day, many ring types may look perfect but a lab diamond ring can add more elegance, style and class. Lab diamond ring is the best purchase for an engagement day and there are some fine reasons for that, such as: 

  •   Excellent budget choice

When it comes to buying real diamond ring buyers have to be sure about the overall budget. The prices of real diamond rings are sky-high so they have to think twice. Having a diamond ring for engagement day is a wishful desire of buyers but some wishes remain unfulfilled. But, when buyers got to know about the replica of real diamond ring they started to purchase lab diamond ring in full demand and they

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Deepika Padukone’s Ex-BF, Siddharth Mallya Gets Engaged To GF, Jasmine, She Flaunts Her Diamond Ring

Deepika Padukone's Ex-BF, Siddharth Mallya Gets Engaged To GF, Jasmine, She Flaunts Her Diamond Ring

Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend, Siddharth Mallya is on cloud nine as he embarked on a new journey in his life. He proposed to his lady love, Jasmine in a unique way at the Halloween party. And the glimpses from their engagement ceremony are nothing but adorable. For the unversed, Deepika Padukone dated Siddharth Mallya before getting into a relationship with her now-husband, Ranveer Singh.

Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend, Siddharth Mallya gets engaged to his ladylove, Jasmine

On November 1, 2023, Siddharth Mallya took to his Instagram handle and gave a beautiful surprise to his Instafam. The actor shared two pictures with his ladylove, Jasmine as they got engaged. Siddharth proposed to his girlfriend at a Halloween party, and the pictures from the same simply melted our hearts. In the first photo, he can be seen kneeling down and asking Jasmine’s hand for marriage. Sharing the pictures, Siddharth penned a beautiful note, which can be read as:

“Well I guess you’re stuck with me now forevreee. I love u my juppet @jassofiaa (thank u for saying yes to this pumpkin)”

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siddharth mallya gets engaged

In the next picture, Siddharth can be seen posing happily with his fiancee, Jasmine. Without any doubt, the much-in-love couple looked picture-perfect. However, it was the beautiful engagement ring that caught our attention. Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend proposed to his ladylove with an exquisite diamond ring. In another picture shared by Siddharth’s fiancee on her IG handle, we got a clear view of the engagement ring, and it was pretty. Talking about their looks, Siddharth was dressed in an orange-hued pumpkin costume. On the other hand, his ladylove looked pretty in a purple-hued dress, which she styled with a maroon velvet

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What is moissanite and why is it a popular alternative to a diamond engagement ring?

While Gen Z-er’s seem to be growing less inclined to don engagement rings with large diamonds, it seems many of them may also be gravitating toward a more affordable, lab grown stone too.

After coming across TikTok user Zahné’s (@zzzahneee) video in which she explains why her engagement ring is not a diamond, Gen Z bride Ella Parr-Tierney (@ellaparrtierney) and her husband, Drake, felt compelled to do the same.

“My wedding band is diamonds and my engagement ring is a moissanite,” Parr-Tierney says on Sept. 22. For her and her husband, buying a diamond engagement ring wasn’t worth the potential debt it would put them in.

“At the end of the day, it is just a piece of jewelry,” she adds. “I want to buy a house before 25. I want to take a very long, expensive honeymoon throughout Europe. I want to buy designer bags. There are other things that I was more interested in spending my money on.”

Parr-Tierney claims that “you literally can’t even tell the difference” between her diamond wedding band and moissanite engagement ring, and that both “look amazing” stacked on one another.

“I’ve never tried to hide the fact that my ring is moissanite,” she says. “And there’s obviously nothing wrong with wanting a diamond, but I know a lot of people may think, ‘Oh my god, Drake balled out…all this money on a ring and they weren’t even out of college yet.’ No…we are somewhat, at least, trying to be financially responsible.”

So what exactly is moissanite?

According to the Moissanite Company (@themoissanitecompany), a jewelry shop founded in Australia, moissanite is a diamond alternative that was discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Henry Moissan in 1893.

“Today, naturally occurring moissanite is exceptionally rare and

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The Incredibly True Story Of The First-Ever Diamond Engagement Ring

When Sotheby’s first announced the auction of a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink emerald-cut diamond with rounded corners, flanked by two shield-shaped white diamond side stones and set in platinum, in 2010, it was expected to sell for between $27 million to US $38 million.

Much to the auction house’s delight, the ring, which had previously been sold to its former owner by jeweler Harry Winston in the 1950s, sold to diamond dealer Laurence Graff for $46 million, making it “the most expensive single jewel ever sold at auction at the time.” Naturally, the lucky new owner named the magnificent beast the Graff Pink.

While we firmly believe that neither the size nor the price of an engagement ring has any bearing on the worth of a marriage proposal, the history of how we came to associate them with betrothals is undeniably fascinating.

Considering this got us thinking about some other interesting engagement rings and proposal stories, which, for better or for worse, have grabbed our attention in the past.

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Here is the true story of the first diamond engagement ring — plus 4 more weird and notable proposal stories:

1. The first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477

Legend has it that in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria — the future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I — was the first man to present his beloved, Mary of Burgundy, with a diamond engagement ring (apparently at the advice of his court counsel).

“Maximilian,” the story goes, “set off for Burgundy after arranging a proxy marriage. But he was an impoverished suitor, thanks to Austria’s penchant for war. So, it is said, as he

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Meghan Markle skips engagement ring second time amid concerns for Diana’s diamonds

Meghan Markle skips engagement ring second time amid concerns for Diana’s diamonds
Meghan Markle skips engagement ring second time amid concerns for Diana’s diamonds 

Meghan Markle was spotted without the iconic jewellery piece during her appearance with Prince Harry in New York, five months after their alleged ‘catastrophic car chase’ incident.

While the Duchess of Sussex had been wearing a wedding band while addressing the audience on Tuesday for their mental health summit, she was notably missing her engagement ring.

Prince Harry had proposed to the former Suits actress in 2017 with a three-stone diamond ring. The ring’s design, which Harry designed himself, featured a big diamond that was sourced from Botswana along with two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection.

During the Invictus Games, last month, Meghan also chose to skip the ring and stick to her wedding band for the 8-day event in Düsseldorf, Germany.

With the ongoing speculation regarding why Meghan ditched the ring for the second time, Joanna Wyganowska Design expert and Gemologist at Queensmith told The Mirror of “very good reasons.”

Wyganowska shared that the ring, estimated to be upwards of $200,000, is “invaluable and extremely sentimental,” which means she may opt to avoid wearing it for “fear of damage or loss.”

She explained that it’s “very common” to get rings serviced or resized over the years.

“An engagement ring is something that may be worn every single day and therefore can become damaged for example a setting may come loose,” she said. “As Harry proposed to Meghan six years ago, it may very well be that she is simply getting the ring serviced.”

Previously, sources revealed that Prince William is “putting the word out through mutual friends that he wants to know what’s going on” with the ring as “not knowing where they are is disturbing” for him, per insiders for New Idea.

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Heather Dubrow’s Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring: Photo

Both Parts 1 and 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 reunion were filled with fireworks, to say the least, with dramatic rifts between castmates and a few bombshells we definitely weren’t expecting.

Another dramatic part of the reunion? The ladies’ gorgeous, sexy-“chic” styles, including Heather Dubrow’s black cutout Chiara Boni dress she noted to BravoTV.com was giving “classic Heather vibes.” 

There was another “classic Heather” moment we had to take note of, and yes, it involved diamonds. 

Heather Dubrow’s massive diamond engagement ring 

On Part 2 of the RHOC Season 17 reunion, Heather’s diamond engagement ring made a jaw-dropping cameo when Tamra Judge asked Gina Kirschenheiter if she and Travis Mullen would ever get married.

“If I get a rock like this,” Gina quipped, pointing to the enormous diamond sparkler on Heather’s finger. Cut to the beautiful piece that definitely puts stars in our eyes. 

Even Tamra couldn’t deny being impressed by the ring, telling her fellow ‘Wives, “We all want a rock like that,” which caused Heather to chuckle. 

Heather Dubrow’s update on her next house 

In addition to showing off her fabulous fashions at the reunion, Heather gave an update on her current living situation. 

When host Andy Cohen concluded Part 2 of the reunion by asking the cast members what they were going to miss about the season. 

While newcomer Jennifer Pedranti noted, “I’m never gonna have another first experience like this ever again,” Gina stated she was looking forward to moving past some things rather than missing them. Then, after Heather shared her thoughts on “sisterhood,” Gina stepped in with another idea: “I kind of take it back, because I will miss your house,” Gina said to Heather.

To that, Heather declared, “I have news: There’s a better one coming.” 

Considering how 

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The Champagne Diamond Is 2023’s Sparkliest Engagement Ring Trend

If this is the year of the anti-bride, then naturally, the next thing to fall by the wayside after “something blue” is the engagement ring. Specifically, the traditional diamond. While gemstones are popular (partially thanks to Princess Diana’s iconic stunner), the one stone jumping to the forefront this season is the champagne diamond.

According to Google Trends, search interest for this piece of jewelry hit its peak last January, and now jewelers are starting to see the effects. VENVS founder Haley Biemiller has seen an uptick in requests for the champagne diamond in custom designs as well as ready-to-wear this year, and with all the buzz over “quiet luxury,” it’s poised to fit right in. Here, Biemiller explains everything you need to know, including what differentiates the champagne diamond from clear diamonds and how to pair them with different metals.

Meet the Expert

Haley Biemiller is the co-founder of the LGBTQ+ owned jewelry brand VENVS, which specializes in non-traditional unique jewelry for non-traditional couples. VENVS often works with innovative stones and settings, including gemstones and “imperfect” diamonds.

20 Fall Wedding Colors You’ll Want to Incorporate Into Your Color Scheme, Stat

What Is a Champagne Diamond?

Warm, sparkling, bubbly. Like a glass of Moët & Chandon, a champagne diamond bears its name because of the resemblance to its refreshing (and sophisticated) counterpart. Biemiller says that diamonds with warmer tones fall into this category, including browns, reds, oranges and yes, that lukewarm champagne color. But don’t get them mixed up with the pure yellow diamond, which is intense and unmistakable in its shade. (The most dazzling example of the latter is probably the Tiffany Diamond.)

How Is a Champagne Diamond Formed?

Though this stone bears a name that suggests it’s a cut above the

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What Is a Lab-Grown Diamond?: Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Image no longer available

For people who want to get married, the diamond engagement ring is a tale as old as time—and advertisers and media companies alike make the rather expensive tradition seem inescapable. The slogans from South African diamond behemoth De Beers speak for themselves:

“A diamond is forever.”

“Is two months’ salary too much to spend for something that lasts forever?”

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“Show her youll love her for the next thousand years.”

On top of it, the marketplace for diamonds can be really confusing. There are grades of clarity and color that lead to an overall quality rating. And, of course, diamonds are very expensive. The International Gem Society reports that the average amount spent on a diamond ring in 2021 was $5,000. (At the iconic jewelry store Tiffany’s, a budget of $5,000 barely gets you into the diamonds, let alone the showy single diamonds people prefer on engagement rings.)

All of these reasons have driven consumer interest in lab-grown diamonds, and in lab-grown diamond engagement rings in particular. So, we spoke to an expert from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to learn everything you need to know about lab-grown diamonds—the production methods, the colors, the intangibles, and more. They say lab-grown diamond rings can cost up to 20 percent less than natural diamonds, which would knock that $5,000 ring down to $4,000. It’s not a Black Friday doorbuster percentage of discount, but that’s a lot of money to save.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Sally Magaña is a research scientist and the manager of diamond identification for the Carlsbad, California-based GIA, which now has locations around the world; the GIA creates and upholds standards and education for jewelers around the world. Today, one of its key concerns is telling apart lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds,

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‘Is my husband the cheapest man in America?’ We only eat out on our anniversary.

My husband never goes out, and he only reluctantly takes holidays — except if we stay in a cabin in the mountains, and even then he doesn’t see why we should be paying for our mortgage and paying to rent somewhere else too. He has never bought me a single piece of jewelry in my life. However, we both agreed before marrying that a diamond engagement ring was a waste of money. 

He does all his shopping at big-box stores, buys in bulk and wears clothes until they are worn through. He doesn’t use social media. From time to time we will go out to eat for an early-bird menu — on special occasions like our anniversary. The most ironic part about this whole thing? He’s an accountant! It beggars belief.

‘He does all his shopping at big-box stores, buys in bulk and wears clothes until they are worn through. He doesn’t use social media.’

My husband works in IT and earns $90,000 a year. I am a teacher, and I earn $65,000 a year. We have a comfortable life. We have no children, and our monthly mortgage payment is $1,600. We are about halfway through the lifetime of our loan. We both have retirement accounts, and we are on track to have a comfortable life after we finally retire.

We have a good relationship, and we are in this for the long haul. I go out with my girlfriends when I need excitement, and my husband stays home with our dog, watching golf and cooking shows. He bakes cakes as a way of relaxing. But I wish we did more together, and if he made me feel special from time to time with a necklace or a bunch of flowers, that would

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I’ve been divorced for 8 years and I still wear my engagement ring. It reminds me of how far I’ve come.

Woman holding ring

The author showing her engagement ringCourtesy of the author

  • When I got engaged I loved my ring so much.

  • When my marriage ended my ex didn’t ask for the ring back and I didn’t offer it.

  • I still wear it as a reminder of all the hard things I’ve done in the last decade.

“That’s a beautiful ring,” the cashier at the mall says as I slide a blouse across the counter.

I glance down at my right hand out of habit: five diamonds arranged in the shape of a flower set in white gold. It’s the most expensive piece of jewelry I own — the kind that gets passed down to a granddaughter or great-granddaughter on a special day, adorning fingers and jewelry boxes long after my name has faded to memory.

The cashier hands me my receipt. I mentally steel myself for the question I know is coming: “Where did you get it?”

It was my engagement ring

A decade ago, I sat across a restaurant table from the man I loved. Platters of sushi stretched between us, delicate slices of salmon and mango curling artistically around the rice. I couldn’t stop peeking at the new ring glittering on my finger. My future husband caught me looking and smiled. I’d never liked the idea of an over-the-top surprise proposal, which sounded more like an ambush than a romantic encounter. We’d simply talked and decided we were ready for the next step. I’d chosen the engagement ring; if I was going to wear it for the rest of my life, I wanted to decide what it looked like. Instead of a typical unwieldy solitaire that would forever get caught on sweaters, I’d fallen in love with a white gold five-diamond flower design. The ring symbolized our relationship:

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