Luxury Jewelry Brand, Aurate, Partners With Helzberg Diamonds To Launch Exclusive Collection

Aurate launches ‘Laure by Aurate’ in partnership with Helzberg Diamonds, using a unique sister business model to propel brand growth

NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aurate, the sustainable, high-quality, and luxury jewelry brand, announced today the launch of its new collection, ‘Laure by Aurate,’ made exclusively and in partnership with leading national jewelry retailer Helzberg Diamonds. The launch of ‘Laure by Aurate’ introduces the brand’s first time using a sister brand business model, created by Aurate specifically for Helzberg Diamonds’ audience and consumers. The ‘Laure By Aurate’ collection will be sold in 30 stores and available online exclusively at Helzberg Diamonds starting August 9th.

“With Aurate being the first jewelry brand to use a sister brand model, our partnership with Helzberg Diamonds, a brand that has over a century of experience and industry authority, is a huge next step as we scale our business and continue to democratize fine jewelry,” said Sophie Kahn, CEO and Co-Founder of Aurate. “The ‘Laure by Aurate’ collection was made exclusively for Helzberg Diamonds and will tap a new audience for Aurate, introducing the Midwest customer to our earth-friendly, luxury and quality jewelry pieces. Both Aurate and Helzberg deeply value sustainability in a too-often unsustainable industry, making this partnership that much more meaningful.”

The ‘Laure by Aurate’ collection at Helzberg Diamonds will include over 100 items ranging from $100$1,500 including a variety of elevated pieces consisting of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Product materials include white, rose, and yellow gold, all of which are sustainably and ethically sourced recycled gold, meaning the material is developed from pre-existing gold material that is refined to remove any impurities and imperfections. Similarly, each diamond, jewel, and gemstone – ranging from emeralds to pearls, sapphires, and more

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De Beers’ Lightbox Launches Test-run of Lab-grown Diamond Engagement Rings

It appears that De Beers has spotted the writing on the wall in an increasingly crowded lab-grown diamond market.

The diamond behemoth has begun testing engagement rings under its lab-grown subsidiary, Lightbox, after years of avoiding the category. It is understood that the company had long tried to maintain natural diamonds’ position as engagement ring stones, while attempting to silo lab-grown diamonds as fashion jewelry.

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De Beers established Lightbox in 2018 in order to help steer the lab-grown diamond narrative. It set a strict per-carat pricing model for the stones (pro-rated at $800 per carat, regardless of the stone’s size or color) in an attempt to lead the industry’s treatment of lab diamonds.

As newly instated Lightbox chief executive officer Antoine Borde told WWD earlier this month, the company is focused on designs intended for self-purchasing and personal expression.

“We are pursuing the positioning of the brand around fashion, freedom, fun — it’s a good dynamic that we are seeing this happen,” Borde said.

Since its launch Lightbox had sold loose lab-grown stones that could be set as engagement rings, but the company had never sold ready-made engagement rings as part of its own distribution.

Now as more and more players enter the lab-grown arena, it appears that De Beers and Lightbox had little choice but to test the engagement category.

The company’s website has launched a limited series of 16 solitaire rings — all priced at $5,000 or less, with the average hovering around $2,500. They are offered with stones from one to two carats and come in settings that range from very simple gold bands to more elaborate halo styles, set alongside smaller pavé lab-grown stones.

Borde said in a statement: “As part of Lightbox’s promise to bring transparency to lab-grown diamonds,

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