Travis Hunter Jr. Drops Small Fortune In NIL On Engagement Ring

Travis Hunter Engagement Ring
Getty Image / iStockphoto

Travis Hunter Jr. is officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He announced the fantastic news in an Instagram post on Sunday!

In doing so, Colorado football’s two-way superstar put his wealth on full display. Hunter put an extremely expensive ring on Leanna’s finger and it looks like he did it while on a luxury beach vacation.

A quick search using Google Lens would indicate that his ring cost anywhere between $4,000 and $50,000 — assuming all of the diamonds are real. There is a good chance that the sticker price falls on the higher end, or go even above. It likely sits somewhere in the middle.

Here are some examples of rings that look relatively similar, and how much they cost:

None of the rings listed above are exact to what Hunter used to propose. They are in the general ballpark. It just goes to say that Name, Image and Likeness money is treating Travis Hunter well.

He really balled out on the engagement ring! It was at least $10,00. At least.

Hunter and his future wife have been together since high school. She moved in with him during their senior year, before he shocked the world by committing to Jackson State over Florida State. She later joined him in Mississippi and moved with him to Boulder.

Leanna has been with Travis through it all. Their love has not wavered through any of the ups and the downs, and it is not slowing down any time soon!

Hunter will turn 21 years old in May. He is set to play his second season on both sides of the ball at Colorado this fall. While he catches passes on offense and swats passes on defense, Leanna will be in the stands as his biggest support with

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