We’re all in a Barbie world: The rise of Barbiecore

ndall Becker, a former trend forecaster for Bloomingdale’s, explained that, “Initially, Barbiecore was about coming out of the pandemic. There was an emphasis on party dressing, night dressing, and owning your sexuality [but it has since] spilled into workplace culture and street style with pink power suits. It’s about owning your look. You’re feeling great and you’re feeling empowered.”

Hot pink and shocking fuschia are so in demand that the trend is influencing all sorts of products, from beauty to fashion and even interior design. A clear example would be Valentino’s collection for autumn 2022 in the northern hemisphere, which was centred entirely around pink. Since then, a multitude of celebrities, even men, have been seen wearing head-to-toe pink looks in the media.

So why is pink so popular again and why are consumers buying into it right now?

A declaration of über-femininity

Barbiecore videos began to flood our TikTok feeds back in April and have since garnered more than 13 million views, while the #barbie count has topped 22 billion. However, the first images of Margot Robbie as Barbie were what caused the real frenzy on social media. The movie’s teaser trailer was soon followed by leaked images of Robbie and co-star Gosling in Barbie’s famous ’80s rollerblading outfit, which prompted a trend of people trying to re-create the look.

Pinterest head of fashion Jessica Payne said there has been a huge interest in Barbiecore on the platform this year. Searches for ‘Barbie outfits’ have increased 75 per cent, while ‘pink eyeshadow’ has gone up by 30 per cent and ‘pink lipsticks’ by 60 per cent. Searches for blonde, blown-out hair styles are up 80 per cent.

“We’ve noticed fashionistas on Pinterest look to the iconic blue leg warmers and platinum blonde updos to replicate their own Barbie

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