11 New Jewelry Designers to Know

Jewelry tends to have a pace slower than fashion, yet nevertheless it is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. Here at Vogue we pride ourselves on maintaining our fingers on the pulse while continuously pushing forward to what’s next. We buzz with excitement when we find a new jewelry designer or brand that brings novelty to the discipline, pushes the envelope, and embraces history in its own way. 

Our list below includes jewelry designers that look to antiquity—Darius through the specific lens of her Persian ancestry and Dyne through a modern mode for hieroglyphics. Some designers like Arielle Ratner and Briony Raymond spent years working for other houses until they broke off on their own, compelled by their own inspiration and confidence in their skills. Others, such as Jade Ruzzo, were drawn to the medium after a wholly different start in their careers. The below list represents a group of jewelry designers who aren’t simply one thing and bring a freshness to the jewelry world that inspires the imagination and the hope of acquisition. 

Image courtesy of By Pariah

London-based jewelry brand By Pariah is inspired by untouched raw materials. Pieces with fine stones and lesser-seen materials are sophisticated and naturally elevated.

By Pariah Rainfall mini drop earrings

By Pariah jug hoop earrings

By Pariah The Albert, Essential Stacking and Triple Eternity set of rings

Image courtesy of Octavia Elizabeth

Octavia Elizabeth Zamagias specializes in jewelry-box classics with a modern and sustainable twist. After years of training as a bench jeweler, the designer started her own line of pieces that can be added to an everyday look—and a few pieces for that next-level sparkle too.

Octavia Elizabeth Parachute bracelet

Octavia Elizabeth Charmed Gabby earrings

Octavia Elizabeth Moi and Toi ring

Octavia Elizabeth The Nesting Gem necklace

Image courtesy of Briony Raymond

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