Soon You May Know Exactly Where Your Diamond Was Mined

“The social and economic value of diamonds is very different depending on where they come from in the world,” Mr. Moltke said on a video call earlier this month from his home in Antwerp, Belgium. He moved to the city, a diamond trading hub, after leaving De Beers, where he had worked for 16 years, including five years in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital.

“I saw firsthand how these diamonds do good and how important it is for those communities who live off them,” he said.

This month, International Diamond Center, a 12-store jewelry retailer based in Clearwater, Fla., is planning to introduce Botswanamark’s branded diamonds at four of its stores, Mr. Moltke said, adding that the consumer experience will be similar to the De Beers model.

Greg Kwiat, chief executive of Kwiat Diamonds, a diamond jewelry brand in New York City, said the company’s Mine to Shine traceability program, introduced in June, was likewise based on a desire to show how diamonds positively affect the communities in Africa where they are mined.

Consumers who buy Kwiat diamonds are able to follow their stones from the mine through the stages of cutting and setting into jewelry. “Right now, we’re sharing videos and imagery of the process as it’s occurring,” Mr. Kwiat said. “At the end, you get this aggregated video from start to finish as a wonderful shareable memento.”

Proving mined diamonds’ origins is something the diamond industry has focused on since the late 1990s, when the blood-diamond crisis shook consumer confidence in the trade. In 2003, a coalition of governments, civil society and diamond industry established the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, aimed at preventing the flow of conflict diamonds.

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro questioned about sneaking in diamond jewelry and the sale of two luxury watches

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian federal police are questioning former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro about attempting to sneak in diamond jewelry reportedly worth $3 million and the sale of two luxury watches he received as gifts from Saudi Arabia while in office, federal authorities said on Thursday.

Bolsonaro arrived Thursday morning at the federal police in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, a federal police spokesperson confirmed to journalists waiting outside the premises, including one from The Associated Press.

Another federal police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed to the AP that he and seven others were summoned to answer questions about the jewelry.

Aside from Bolsonaro, police will also be questioning his wife Michelle, two lawyers, former aide Lt. Col. Mauro Cid, Cid’s father, Osmar Crivelatti and Marcelo Câmara, the officer said. The simultaneous hearings pose another potential blow for the embattled far-right leader, who is also the target of several other investigations.

Earlier this month, federal police raided the homes and offices of several people purportedly involved in the jewelry case and alleged Bolsonaro received nearly $70,000 for the sale of two luxury watches gifted from Saudi Arabia.

Bolsonaro has denied any wrongdoing.

His lawyers did not respond to a request for comments from the AP.

The investigation into the undeclared jewelry is just one of many legal headaches Bolsonaro faces.

Earlier this year, he was ruled ineligible to run for office until 2030 after a panel of judges concluded he abused his power and cast unfounded doubts on the country’s electronic voting system.

Another investigation revolves around Cid’s arrest in May for allegedly falsifying COVID-19 vaccine cards for his own family and Bolsonaro’s family during the pandemic.

bolsonaro-hacking-inquiry-cc8f890588a5115ff77370d236b3e149″A parliamentary commission of inquiry is also investigating whether Bolsonaro incited the Jan. 8

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Philly man sentenced to prison for leading jewelry theft ring

A Philadelphia man has been sentenced to a little more than six years in prison for leading a theft ring that targeted 12 jewelry stores across the country and sold the jewels back to stores on Jewelers’ Row in Center City.

From May 2018 through February 2020, Duanne Pierce, 60, led a theft ring with seven other people, often stealing from multiple stores in a single day, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Investigators say the criminal group did this to reduce the likelihood of being caught because it presented challenges to law enforcement investigating the out-of-state perpetrators.

Pierce was found guilty of participating in 11 thefts, and his role was to steal jewelry such as diamond rings and gold chains. He would take them from a display case or from the employee-only area of a store, while the others would distract sales associates. He then resold the stolen jewelry to local jewelers in Philadelphia.

In March 2022, a federal grand jury returned a 10-count indictment charging Duanne Pierce and co-defendants Charles Tillery, Janel Pierce, Yolanda Fife, David Tillery, Telfa Wills, and Clifton Fleming with conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines, and interstate transportation of stolen property and aiding and abetting. All of the defendants plead guilty.

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The Diamond Bank Is A Hidden Gem Against LA’s Jewelry Trove

            It’s often said that artists are defined by their eyes and how they see the world around them, which extends into the art of jewelry making and craftsmanship. Diamond diving is more precarious than you might imagine, for natural diamonds sparkle singularly in their own light, each one shaped and sculpted uniquely from the next. An eye for detail and diversity are required to identify true treasures, and The Diamond Bank, one of the most recognizable names in jewelry in Los Angeles and beyond, has perfected the art of ornamentation through decades of refinement and trust baked into the community, and the eyes that search for these pieces. Part of the charm that defines The Diamond Bank is their bespoke nature even after years of growth and development, retaining a distinctly artisanal quality unrivaled in the jewelry space. Much of this work is attributed to Chris Arakel, owner and lead designer, who embarked on his own journey 25 years ago.

            Fittingly tucked into the folds of LA’s “Diamond District”, The Diamond Bank only became a concrete destination in 2021 when their flagship studio opened on South Hill Street. Before then, The Diamond Bank name rested heavily on the shoulders of Arakel, who frequently traveled to cities far and wide for call-ins and consultations. Still to this day, referrals remain a large part of the company’s clientele, many of them repeat and returning customers who have trusted the quality of Diamond Bank for more than a decade.

            One of the largest distinctions in The Diamond Bank is their dedication to diamond diversity which, to the untrained eye, comes second or third to general size. What most people fail to realize is that diamonds themselves are a product of their environment, which affords a great deal of variety and surprises to

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro questioned about gifts of diamond jewelry

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Former President Jair Bolsonaro underwent questioning Wednesday about diamond jewelry gifts when he was in power, as part of an investigation into whether he engaged in any irregularities in bringing the items into Brazil.

The case has added to the legal jeopardy already surrounding the far-right politician’s time as president. He is also under investigation for any involvement in a rampage by his supporters through the national capital after he left office and for numerous actions during the presidential election campaign he lost last fall.

Federal police and prosecutors are investigating whether three sets of jewelry brought into the country from Saudi Arabia were public gifts that Bolsonaro improperly tried to prevent from being incorporated into the presidency’s public collection or were private gifts that Bolsonaro tried sneak into Brazil without paying taxes.

Brazil requires its citizens arriving by plane from abroad to declare goods worth more than $1,000 and, for any amount above that exemption, pay a tax equal to 50% of their value. The three sets of jewelry would have been exempt from tax had they been a gift from the state of Saudi Arabia to the nation of Brazil, but would not have been Bolsonaro’s to keep.

After Bolsonaro left the Federal Police headquarters in Brazil’s capital Wednesday, it wasn’t know if he answered investigator’s questions or exercised his right to stay silent. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing connected to the gifts, and said he never attempted to hide anything.

A customs agent seized one of the sets, manufactured by Swiss brand Chopard and reportedly worth some $3 million, at Sao Paulo’s international airport in October 2021 when an adviser to the then minister for mines and energy brought it into the country.

Documents and video footage published by Brazilian news

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Here’s What the Future of Jewelry Promises

Diamonds are forever—but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the past. In fact, the future of jewelry is arguably more exciting than at any other time in history.

At Robb Report’s House of Robb at South by Southwest, our watch and jewelry editor, Paige Reddinger, spoke with editor in chief Paul Croughton about what’s happening in the world of jewelry, from the use of futuristic materials to the involvement of buyers in the jewelry-making process. The TL;DR? It’s definitely not just your mother’s tennis bracelet anymore.

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Some of the biggest innovations are happening with the materials jewelers are using to craft their pieces. Stones are stones, but thanks to technological advances, makers now can move beyond diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Boucheron, one of Paris’s oldest jewelry houses, has even turned to NASA-grade materials in some of its newer pieces. Reddinger talked about the brand’s use of Aerogel, which was previously used to capture stardust and insulate the Mars Rover Unit. After 857 hours of work, it’s now seen in Boucheron’s Goutte de Ciel necklace, replacing the stone that would normally sit in the center of the piece.

Boucheron Goutte de Ciel (Taste of the Sky) Aerogel Necklace

Boucheron Goutte de Ciel (Taste of the Sky) Aerogel Necklace

While work like that is possible at a large jeweler such as Boucheron, private jewelers are also changing the industry’s landscape, by making personal pieces that a bigger company wouldn’t necessarily have the time to focus on. These smaller jewelers make about eight to 10 pieces a year for VVIP clients, Reddinger said, allowing them to be even more “creatively innovative.” For example, the jeweler Emmanuel Tarpin had a client who inherited his mother’s classic stones. Rather than just resetting them in the traditional way, Tarpin put them in a thin titanium bracelet, with

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Brazil audit court orders Bolsonaro to return Saudi jewelry gift

BRASILIA, March 15 (Reuters) – Brazil’s federal audit court (TCU) on Wednesday ruled that former President Jair Bolsonaro must deliver within five days a second set of jewelry he received from the Saudi government.

The decision comes a few days after Brazilian police launched an investigation into an attempt to illegally bring the jewelry valued at $3.2 million into the country, gifts to the then-president and his wife Michelle from by the Saudi king.

On Monday, Bolsonaro’s lawyer said in a letter to the police that the former president will deliver the second gift to the state as part of its collection of presidential gifts.

The TCU court also ordered that the first set of jewelry, seized by customs officials in 2021 in the backpack of a government aide returning from Saudi Arabia, be kept in custody at the presidential offices, in addition to opening an audit on all gifts received by Bolsonaro during his term.

Several officials from the Bolsonaro administration unsuccessfully tried to recover the jewelry — a diamond necklace, ring, watch and earrings — that was being held by customs, according to local media.

Bolsonaro, who is still in self-exile in the United States, will be called to testify as part of the investigation, Brazilian Justice Minister Flavio Dino said on Monday.

Reporting by Ricardo Brito; Editing by Sandra Maler

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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The BaubleBar Ring Julia Roberts once wore is on sale.

While A-list celebs tend to be dripping in diamonds on the red carpet, in their downtime many of them seem to reach for the same affordable jewelry brand: BaubleBar. Everyone from Katie Holmes to baublebar-necklace-sale/” data-ylk=”slk:Lizzo;cpos:2;pos:1;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “Lizzo to Kate Hudson and Blake Lively has been spotted in the budget-friendly line, and right now tons of pieces are even cheaper than ever thanks to jewelry” class=”link rapid-with-clickid etailiffa-link” data-ylk=”slk:the brand’s epic on-site sale;elm:affiliate_link;sellerN:BaubleBar;elmt:;cpos:4;pos:1;itc:0″the brand’s epic on-site sale — which includes a pretty ring worn by Julia Roberts herself!

A few years ago, Roberts wore the multicolored Alidia Ring as she celebrated her pal Rita Wilson getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She layered multiple rainbow-colored rings for a cool fashion-forward look. And Julia’s not the only the A-lister who loves the affordable ring. Jennifer Aniston wore the clear version for her appearance on the final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It’s easy to see why the Hollywood stars are fans of the sleek baubles. The chic, stackable baguette rings feature glass stones that come in a variety of gorgeous colors in sizes 5 to 11. The rings are hypoallergenic and made with cubic zirconia stones and 14k gold-plated brass.

Julia Roberts and BaubleBar Ring

Snag Julia Roberts’s BaubleBar Ring while it’s nearly half off! (Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty and BaubleBar)

Celebs aren’t the only fans of the stylish piece of jewelry. Thousands of shoppers love it too! The Alidia ring sold out just three days after it first launched and has since become BaubleBar’s all-time best-selling ring.

Normally the pretty rings are $48 (which is super affordable for a celeb-approved piece of jewelry), but right now they can be yours for just $25 — that’s nearly 50% off! We’re not sure how long the deal will

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Dispute Over Mysterious Saudi Jewelry Worth $3 Million Haunts Bolsonaro

(Bloomberg) — A dispute over $3 million worth of jewelry allegedly from Saudi Arabia is set to present another headache for former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro when he returns home from his US vacation.

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Brazil’s national comptroller on Tuesday started probing the case, which involves a cache of jewelry — including a diamond necklace, earrings and a watch made by the Swiss brand Chopard. Bolsonaro’s former Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque confirmed over the weekend that his delegation brought the items into the country — now run by leftist leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva — as a gift from the Saudi government to Bolsonaro and his wife, Michelle, without declaring them to customs agents.

The country’s federal police also launched an investigation at the request of the justice ministry.

The case came to public attention on March 3 when newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reported that Brazilian customs officials seized jewelry found inside a suitcase carried by an aide to Albuquerque as they returned from an official trip to the Middle East last October. Brazilian law requires travelers to declare goods worth more than $1,000 for tax purposes, but Albuquerque’s team failed to do so.

Public outrage has been growing in Brazil as details of the case emerge. Brazilian officials aren’t allowed to keep most valuable gifts they receive, and have to place them in public collections maintained by the state. The investigation will seek to discover whether Bolsonaro or his associates were attempting to smuggle the jewelry into Brazil, and if they sought to shield the gift from entering the president’s official collection, which would make it government property, according to the justice ministry. Potential money laundering crimes will also be considered, according to Justice Minister Flavio Dino.

(Tweet translation: “Federal

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Diamond Jewelry Advantage – Maaya Fine Jewels

Diamond Jewelry Advantage - Maaya Fine Jewels

Diamond Shopping can be a very overwhelming experience for a consumer. Diamond grading is a very subjective matter, and true grading of diamonds is at the epitome of this very subject. As a consumer, it can be tricky to decide whom to trust to ensure you are getting the right quality at the right price.

Unfortunately, due to immense competition, there are a lot of cases of malpractices taking place, and certain laboratories are giving false grading of diamonds and manipulating qualities. This has been happening for few years now as mentioned in one of our earlier articles on diamond prices.

We spoke to Nihar Parikh from Maaya Fine Jewels, a Manufacturer/Retailer of diamond jewelry since 1975, to help consumers recognize the right way to buy diamonds. He quoted, “At a consumer level, many customers find it hard to differentiate genuine quality. Sometimes, an avid buyer of diamond jewelry can recognize the quality of diamonds by seeing the shine and color (whiteness), compared to weaker diamond jewelry that looks grey, brown, or appears dull.

Its also important to understand the difference between buying from a retail store vs a manufacturer. A manufacturer like us can vouch for the quality and can give guarantees on the weights and quality of the product along with genuine US lab certification.

Also, our entire team is well-trained in grading diamonds, unlike a salesperson or a manager at a retail store. The goal at Maaya is to bridge this gap between the manufacturer and the end consumer.”

At Maaya Fine Jewels, they source their diamonds in the loose form from reputed DeBeers certified siteholders (companies that specialize in natural diamond mining and cutting) and set it in artistic jewelry designs under their own roof and supervision. This gives reassurance to the customer that

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