What Makes Lab Diamond Ring the Best Purchase for Engagement Day?

What Makes Lab Diamond Ring the Best Purchase for Engagement Day?

The market offers various engagement ring collections so choosing any one becomes tough. An engagement ring is a special kind of shopping that needs much attention and buyers have to be very sure about their choice. A diamond ring for engagement day is a traditional choice that is still adored by people. t. In recent times, there have been some changes in the preferences of ring buyers as they are vastly fascinated by lab grown diamonds Germany rings.

Real diamond ring has always been the eye catching type of ring that makes everyone crazy. The real mined diamond ring is so pure that it comes with forever lasting quality with excellent brilliance. For engagement day, buyers look for something extraordinary that they can cherish forever. A ring type that has made buyers fall in love instantly with its quality is lab diamond rings. For special occasions, buyers are now choosing lab diamond ring over other ring options.

For engagement day, many ring types may look perfect but a lab diamond ring can add more elegance, style and class. Lab diamond ring is the best purchase for an engagement day and there are some fine reasons for that, such as: 

  •   Excellent budget choice

When it comes to buying real diamond ring buyers have to be sure about the overall budget. The prices of real diamond rings are sky-high so they have to think twice. Having a diamond ring for engagement day is a wishful desire of buyers but some wishes remain unfulfilled. But, when buyers got to know about the replica of real diamond ring they started to purchase lab diamond ring in full demand and they

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NJ, NY men accused of $2M in NYC diamond jewelry armed robberies

💠 Feds say a crew of armed robbers stole $2M in jewelry

💠 3 NJ men are among those facing federal robbery charges

💠 The crew wore construction worker jackets

A crew of men from New Jersey and New York has been accused of two armed jewelry heists months apart in Manhattan, worth over $2 million — with an approach like something out of a movie.

Federal agents say the robbers dressed as construction workers to make their entrances and getaways easier, in holding up two separate high-end jewelry stores — one of which takes customers by appointment only.

Frank DiPietro, of Red Bank, Vincent Spagnuolo, of Monmouth Beach, and Samuel Sorce, of Florham Park, were among five men arrested on Tuesday.

Frank DiPietro (left) Vincent Spagnuolo (U.S. District Court complaint)

Frank DiPietro (left) Vincent Spagnuolo (U.S. District Court complaint)

Also facing federal charges were two New Yorkers: Vincent Cerchio, of Queens, and Michael Sellick, of Long Island.

Each of the men have been charged with Hobbs Act robbery, conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm during and in connection with a crime of violence.

💠 Armed robbery while employees changed street-level jewelry display

DiPietro and Spagnuolo, both 65, along with Cerchio and Sellick were charged in connection with the Jan. 3 robbery of a store on Madison Avenue in Midtown.

Among diamond-laden pieces stolen that day were a 73-carat necklace, a 6-carat ring and a 17-carat pair of earrings, federal prosecutors said.

Crew accused of stealing $2M in diamonds, jewelry (U.S. Attorney’s Office)

Crew accused of stealing $2M in diamonds, jewelry (U.S. Attorney’s Office)

According to a criminal complaint, the first company targeted has a penthouse office
in a building on Madison Avenue and admits customers with appointments, only.

However, workers routinely

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From Mined to Made: How Liori Diamonds is Revolutionizing Diamond Jewelry

Blood diamonds are a dark reality in the diamond industry. Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are mined in war-torn countries, where the profits from their sale are often used to finance violent conflicts and perpetrate human rights abuses. Workers can be subjected to dangerous and inhumane working conditions as forced and child labor is common in these areas. In recent years, the diamond industry has taken steps to address this issue with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which was created to prevent the trade in these problematic gems. However, critics have argued that it is not effective and has failed to stop the flow of blood diamonds.

Consumers, however, are more informed and conscious than ever about the social and ethical impact of their purchasing decisions. This has led to a consumer revolution in many industries. In the jewelry industry, many consumers are using their dollars to support a relatively new, more ethical, alternative: lab-grown diamonds. Leading the charge in this consumer shift is Liori Diamonds, an innovative New York based jewelry company.

As opposed to being mined from the Earth, lab-grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory environment, as the name suggests, using a process that simulates the intense heat and pressure naturally occurring within the Earth’s crust. These diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as their earth-mined counterparts, but are often less expensive due to the lower costs of production.


As the lab-grown diamond industry continues to evolve, Liori Diamonds has emerged as a preeminent jeweler in the market. With a wide selection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds and a commitment to excellent customer service, Liori Diamonds is quickly becoming the go-to destination for those seeking exciting, ethical, and affordable diamond jewelry. With an industry-leading selection of

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San Marina, the shoe store brand, closes permanently tonight

Published by
Margot H. · Published on February 18, 2023 at 03:50 p.m.

It is now official: the San Marina stores will close this Saturday, February 18, 2023 following a judicial liquidation and for lack of a buyer.

This Saturday, February 18, 2023, the San Marina shoe stores are closing down one after the other. The group has been placed in financial liquidation, for lack of an acceptable takeover and despite the 600 employees and 163 French stores, pending the final decision of the Commercial Court of Marseille, which will be rendered this Monday, February 21, 2023.

For a few days, San Marina stores were the opportunity to shop for shoes, for men and women at discounted prices. Normal, since this Saturday evening, the stores will close definitively… This French company of shoes was in difficulty since a few years, from now on, the final decision will be taken this Monday, in the court of Marseille.

Moreover, it is a phenomenon that we see more and more: for several months (even years), the big star brands of the 90s-2000s are gradually closing one after another, like Pimkie, Camaïeu or Kookaï, respectively in transfer or judicial liquidation. Little by little, these brands have been replaced by consumers in favor of online sales, with the new giants of clothing on the web: Asos, Shein … The brands that seem to be doing the best are the cheapest ones, such as Primark or H&M, which always seduce with particularly attractive prices.

San Marina, a French shoe company that has been in trouble for a few years, is going to close down permanently this Saturday evening. With more than 600 employees and 163 stores in France, the judicial liquidation of San Marina is now inevitable for lack of acceptable takeover

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Prince Harry might reportedly add a new chapter to the paperback ‘Spare’ memoir, reports

Prince Harry’sSpare‘ memoir took only a few days to become a worldwide bestseller, it details some interactions between his wife Meghan Markle with the rest of the Royal Family. In this book, Prince Harry already accusses his brother, his father, and other Royal Family members of racism against his wife. Writing this book was a way to seek for all those family members to apologize for what they did but the plan sort of backfired. Instead, he received criticism from all Royal Family apologists and it distanced him from them as well.

Prince Harry defends making public allegations against his family

Today, the entire world is wondering is King Charles III will invite him and Meghan Markle to the coronation in May. Also, there is an evident divide between Prince Harry and Prince Williams right now. In previous interviews, the younger of the two brothers tells the press that all he wants is an apology from the people who wronged his wife. But that seems highly unlikely right now. According to reports, the prince seems to be planning a new strategy in order to fix things between then or mark the actual end of his relationship with them.

A new ‘Spare’ chapter

Those who bought Prince Harry’s memoir did so in electronic form, that’s the only way it’s been sold right now. But Page Six just reported that for the paperback launch, the prince has a special plan that could create more tension. Here’s what an insider told the folks at Page Six: “Prince Harry is already planning to add at least one new chapter… to the paperback version… out later this year or early next, when the hard cover sales have ended. Readers are eager to know [Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle’s] feelings about

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Zalora Has A New “Supermart” Pop-Up Store With Exclusive Adidas Merch

The Supermart by Zalora

So you accidentally went ham online and bought a mountain of clothes. But when your haul arrives, the jeans don’t fit and the white top is actually beige.

We get it: online shopping can be a hit or miss. That’s why we’re coming through with good news. There’s a pop-up shop in town that lets you try on gear IRL, add them to your cart via your phone, sleep on it, and place an order online later. Meet The Supermart by Zalora.

Snap up exclusive adidas goodies

Adidas fans and stans are in for a treat because the shelves at this pop-up are stocked with 90 Zalora exclusive 3-stripes brand products.


Located at Bugis Junction, The Supermart carries clothes, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Between shorts, tees, hats, and shoes, you might be lost in the fitting room for hours. And that’s okay because you’d want to make sure your fit fits like a glove and not gape or give you camel toes.


To add the chosen items to your shopping basket, simply use your phone to scan the QR code on them. Easy peasy.


After that, you’ll have the option of placing your order immediately or checking it out at home.

Score limited edition merch & collectibles

The road to practising self-restraint at The Supermart is about to get real tough now that there are gifts involved.


In order to secure an adicolor Festival Bag, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $90 on adidas products at the pop-up store and this sporty bag is yours. 

adidas-zaloraThe foil pouch resembles tea leaf pouches.

It’ll also be packed in a quirky foil pouch designed by local artist Hoon Jialing.


If you’ve been eyeing the Essentials Logo

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to attend the Met Gala for the first time ever this year

Being a Royal in Hollywood definitely has its perks as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been officially invited to the exclusive Met Gala event this year. To those who don’t know, the New York Metropolitan Museum organizes an annual event where the biggest Hollywood and entertainment stars attend. Each year, there is a theme that all the people in attendance have to honor. It’s pretty much a halloween-styled event where you have to respect the dress code. This invitation comes as Prince Harry just became a best-selling author due to his ‘Spare’ memoir.

The 2023 Met Gala theme is Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. This is a tribute to the celebrated fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Meaning that folks who attend the event will likely have to wearclothing that honors this designer. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been involved amongst the highest circles of celebrities since they arrived from London. They decided to leave the Royal Family and build their lives in the state of California. Currently, they live in a house in the exclusive Montecito area.

Which celebrities attend the Met Gala?

Amongst the biggest celebrities that have attended this Met Gala throughout the years we have successful people from all walks of life. From the most important Hollywood celebrities you can think of, to famous socialites, music artists, painters, authors, people in show business in general. Also, many famous athletes have attended the event in the past. This isn’t the first time Royals attend the exclusive Met Gala, they are actually regulars in these types of events.

In the past, members of the French Royal Family such as siblings Charlotte and Andrea Cashiraghi have attended and they are regulars of the event. Also, Prince Harry’s cousins have attended the event in the past. Princess Beatrice

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Visit Kampot app a tourism boon

To promote tourist destinations in his home province of Kampot, Hang Panhaka took it upon himself to establish an online social community network and app which introduces new destinations and shares introductions from local business owners.

He believes the application will provide a convenient service to tourists, both domestic and international.

Hang Panhaka, 29, has always wanted to promote tourism in his province since he was in high school.

“When I was at high school, I rarely left home. One day, I found a waterfall in the forest, and it struck me – there is so much beauty all around that needs to be shared with people,” he told The Post.

Since his epiphany, Panhaka has dedicated himself to promoting tourism. He studied tourist management at the Regional Polytechnic Institute Techo Sen Kampot, and expects to be able to use his skills to build something which will benefit his province.

He created the Facebook page Visit Kampot in 2018 after noting that there were not as many visitors as he thought his province deserved, given its spectacular mountain and many natural wonders.

“Even most of our Cambodian visitors don’t know about these hidden gems. They come to visit Kampot but pass by so many destinations that are worth their time,” he said.

He wanted to fill in the gaps and let visitors know more about these attractions, so that more people would take the time to explore the province.

“I realised that a Facebook page could provide information and was a good way of promoting our province to our visitors,” he added.

He started posting information but did not have access to high quality, attractive pictures. This was when he started thinking about the promotional images of famous foreign tourist destinations which he had seen.

“I knew I was

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Check Out This New Lubbock Salon

If you are looking for a new salon and also happen to be an art lover, you have to check out one of Lubbock’s newest salons, Glam LAB.

Glam LAB has been open for about a month now and aims to combine beauty and art into an unique and unforgettable experience. The salon not only offers hair cuts and color, but also offers hair and eyelash extensions, sugaring, and spray tanning.

They are located at 4620 71st Street in Unit 30, just down the street from Lubbock’s Parkade. You can find them online on Instagram and Facebook to see some of their work including extensions, color correction, cuts, and more.

Since the salon is so new, as of last month, they have still been looking for stylists to add to their team. So, if you are a stylist looking for a new place to call home, and you love their vibe, you should definitely give them a call.

When looking for a new salon, it is so important to not only find a stylist that fits your needs, but also an environment that you love. Glam LAB is perfect for those that love art, photo-ops, and aren’t afraid of a pop of color. This salon seems like a great place that gives a new, fun, vibe to Lubbock for all the people out there that aren’t afraid to stand out.

Check out their social media for more information as well as how to book an appointment with one of their stylists.

Look: 10 of The Most Beautiful and Unique Wildflowers That Texas Has To Offer

Curious Texas Dog Meets Porcupine

Poor Nugget wanted to make a friend but the porcupine wasn’t feeling very friendly.

Thanks to You, Here’s Over 100 of THE Most Unique Pet Names in East Texas!

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Frost Yourself: A Ring Set With Nearly 30,000 Diamonds Breaks A World Record

Named “Ami” meaning immortality, the ring with the most diamonds in the world weighs 340 grams and is worth $95,243.

Indian jewelry company SWA Diamonds broke the diamonds-set-in-one-ring”Guinness World Record for most diamonds set in one ring. In a single piece, they set 24,679 diamonds after its initial design last May. It took almost three months for the computer-aided design to be completed. 

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“There is no greater joy than to live your dreams the way you were meant to. Our team feels accomplished and satisfied after knowing we have earned a new Guinness World Records title,” SWA Diamond’s managing director, Abdul Gafar Anadiyan, said. “It marks the triumph of entrepreneurship in the diamond sector of our state.”

Although its carats were not announced, the ring weighs 340 grams (three-quarters of a pound) and is worth $95,243. 

Intricate design

Named “The Touch of Ami,” its design is inspired by the pink oyster mushroom, which symbolizes immortality and longevity. SWA Diamonds achieved the intricate structure of the ring by ring-world-record-most-diamonds-in-single-ring/40694779#”pouring liquid gold into a mold to form 41 unique mushroom petals. After, each of the thousands of natural diamonds was handset. 

The previous holder of the record title was Meerut-based jeweler Harshit Bansal. In 2020, he encrusted a floral-inspired ring with 12,638 diamonds—just about half of what The Touch of Ami’s is adorned with.

SWA Diamonds are one of its country’s leading jewelry manufacturers. According to Luxuo, the Indian gems and jewelry industry is one of the most significant in the world, contributing to 29 percent of global sales. 

Banner photo from the Guinness World Record’s official website.

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