These Are the 10 Best Places to Buy Stunning Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

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10 Best Places to Buy Lab Grown Diamond JewelryHearst Owned

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We’ll be the first to admit there’s something undeniably special about natural diamonds (after all, they truly are a girl’s best friend). But if you’re looking to get comparable sparkle out of your jewelry while saving a good chunk of money, you may want to go the lab grown diamond route.

Lab grown diamonds, which have surged in popularity in recent years, can be thousands of dollars cheaper than their natural counterparts—essentially since they’re considered “less rare.” Yet unlike simulated diamonds made from moissanite or cubic zirconia, lab grown diamonds are, indeed, very much real.

“Lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same on the molecular level as mined diamonds,” explains Meg Strachan, founder and CEO of emerging lab-grown diamond brand Dorsey. “Diamonds deemed ‘rare’ in mined terms can be created in lab-grown form that are just as beautiful as their counterparts and will cost much less. The ability to create diamonds and gemstones in the laboratory also means any color, cut, and clarity can be achieved,” she adds.

Adding to their appeal, lab grown diamonds may be a more ethical alternative to mined diamonds—an industry that’s notoriously been linked to the use of child labor and fueling conflict in war-torn areas. And thanks to innovations in technology, many brands making lab grown diamonds are doing better for the planet by minimizing or entirely eliminating their carbon emissions.

With all this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to curate a list of the best places to buy lab grown diamond jewelry in 2023. From gorgeous engagement rings in all shapes and sizes to an array of timeless baubles, these brands have tons of

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