Heavy Diamond Ring Album Release Party at The Lariat – by Landon James

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This Saturday, November 18, Heavy Diamond Ring will be hosting a very special album release party at The Lariat in Buena Vista.

Heavy Diamond Ring (HDR) is an open-hearted, all-American, folk-rock band that is redefining the modern take on Americana music. Born out of the multi-decade, songwriting/musical partnership of lead singer Sarah Anderson and songwriter/guitarist Paul DeHaven and their band Paper Bird, Heavy Diamond Ring is a joyful celebration that melds rock ‘n’ roll, indie-folk, Americana, and a little bit of everything in between.

“A little bit of twang, and a whole lotta beef” is one way the band describes itself on their official website.

Having released their eponymous debut album “Heavy Diamond Ring” in 2019, their newest offering “All Out of Angels” was just officially released on all music platforms on November 14, 2023. To promote this new musical offering, HDR is hitting the road for three celebratory shows in Colorado concluding the run at The Lariat this weekend.

“All Out of Angels” is a beautiful dive into the more sensitive and tender side of HDR with a sense of familiar longing and tenderness permeating the entire album.

Begun as an album more than three years ago, COVID-19 significantly hindered the progress of recording as the world’s music industry was all but shut down. “All Out of Angels” is a collection of old tunes from the cutting floor of Paper Bird that Anderson and DeHaven brought to HDR to see if it meshed with their current musical vision. Within moments of introducing these older songs to HDR, Anderson knew it was an album they had to finish.

“A magic just happens. We all kind of tap into something that is unique to our band”, explained Anderson.

Anderson and DeHaven’s magical musical connection bleeds into the joy that HDR evokes

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