Kim Kardashian reveals consequences of Met Gala diet

Kim Kardashian is living proof of why weight loss and diet tricks can be dangerous. Recently, she revealed that eating meat before the Met Gala caused her psoriasis to flare intensely. It came to the point that she couldn’t even move her hands.

The business mogul and influencer said she had to switch to a full-on plant-based diet before the Met Gala. Although she already had a long-time existing Psoriatic arthritis, this time it appeared so severely. This is according to her recent interview with Allure.

Furthermore, Psoriasis is an irritable skin condition that causes scaly, red patches. While Kardashian’s Psoriatic arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease that directly affects people with an existing Psoriasis. 

Kardashian has been open about her condition since her doctor diagnosed her illness in 2011. She even told her fans before that her skin condition had worsened. 

In her interview with Allure, she said that her extreme diet is the culprit of her Psoriasis flare-up. Kardashian’s diet led her to lose 16 pounds in three weeks just to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” iconic dress. 

While Kardashian successfully fitted in the dress, it triggered a “really painful” psoriasis flare-up. She follows a strict plant-based diet to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s dress size. 

Before the Met Gala, Kardashian returned to eating meat to follow the rules of her “strict” sugar-free and carb-free diet. Moreover, she is also a chief taste consultant of the famous plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat.

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Kim Kardashian shares reduced body fat percentage after Met Gala diet

She’s keeping up with her health.

Kim Kardashian shared that she has drastically reduced her percentage of body fat this year while getting a personalized scan of her frame.

“Look who pulled up,” Kardashian captioned a photo of a Bodyspec van on her Instagram story on Wednesday, explaining, “They measure your bone density and body fat percentage & all the good stuff to make sure you are fit and healthy.”

kim kardashian silver bikini
Kim Kardashian proudly announced a drastic decrease of body fat on Instagram Wednesday.

She then shared that her amount of body fat has decreased significantly over the past year.

“A year ago my body fat percentage was 25 percent, and now it is 18.8 percent,” Kardashian, 41, explained.


Kardashian got her results from a company called Bodyspec, which does the scan in a van.



Kardashian got her results from a company called Bodyspec, which does the scan in a van.


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The technician who did the scan told the reality star her results are in the “athlete category,” to which Kardashian excitedly exclaimed, “Athlete category! You hear that?”

The Skims founder also posted a video where the Bodyspec representative read out her bone density results, telling Kardashian her bones are stronger than 93 to 97 percent of the population.

kim kardashian body fat scan
The scan revealed her body fat is at 18.8 percent, down from last year’s 25 percent.

“Wow,” Kardashian said sounding pleased.

Earlier in the evening, the entrepreneur posted a photo of her toned tummy looking red and raw after receiving a “painful” laser treatment that tightened the skin on her abdomen.

kim kardashian bone density
She also shared that her bone density is higher than up to 97 percent of the population.

“This is a game changer!!!” she

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