Best walking boots for men 2023: Waterproof footwear for all terrains

Choosing a walking boot for your next endeavour requires some very careful consideration. After all, these can be the difference between an enjoyable experience in the fresh air and a tortuous blister-fest. Pick wisely, and you won’t even have to think about them as they carry you in comfort through terrain and trail.

We are starting off with the assumption that you have something more epic planned than just walking to the shops. That’s why one of the first things we looked at was the out-of-the-box wearability of each shoe, as you don’t want to spend hours breaking in a new pair.

Supple and moulded materials should combine to make the boot or shoe comfortable and snug-fitting from their very first outing, especially because after hours of walking, feet tend to swell. So you need a nicely proportioned shoe, regardless of your size, and a comfortable fit.

The outsole has a dual role to ensure traction from the lug pattern so that you’re more confident than a mountain goat and also to be constructed in such a way that it gives good energy return with every foot strike

The importance of weight, waterproofing, breathability and protection will all depend on where you’re going, so we’ve included a range to ensure that wherever you’re headed, this lot is an absolute shoe-in (sorry) for your next adventure.

How we tested

We headed to Dartmoor and the Highlands to test the boots, so we could run the gamut of terrain and conditions with which to scrutinise each shoe. While we were walking, we specifically sought out mud, wet grass and rock to test the grip and traction of each

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