Vyking launches in-store augmented reality “Magic Mirror” for footwear

  • Virtual try-on tech startup unveils smart mirror
  • Customers can easily visualise how footwear will look through immersive technology
  • First brands to install the solution in Q2 2023

Virtual try-on startup Vyking.io today unveils its new in-store augmented reality (AR) solution, ‘Magic Mirror’, that will enable consumers to easily visualise footwear through an in-store smart mirror. Activated by walking up to a full length digitally connected mirror, customers can ‘try virtually before they buy’ dozens of pairs of trainers and other footwear quickly and conveniently.

The Magic Mirror enhances the customer experience by providing a fun, interactive and immersive buying experience, and solves a number of pain points for retailers themselves. The solution also has the potential to drastically decrease waiting times for customers and reduce pressure on staff in physical stores as they have the opportunity to see how a pair of trainers look before retrieving them from the stockroom. The customer chooses the pair they’d like to try via an instore display on a tablet, before the 3D model is “beamed” into the mirror for them to see how it looks on their own feet.

For stores with a smaller footprint, the technology offers the chance for retailers to display an infinite product catalogue for customers, with order-to-ship capability, and allows buying and merchandising teams to better understand which lines are most popular in real-time.

The solution also offers real omnichannel marketing possibilities as the technology can be deployed in other physical locations such as billboards, bus stops or window displays – enabling retailers to capture casual browsers as well as those entering their physical locations.

Matthew Klimpke, CEO and co-founder of Vyking, said: “The pandemic put a lot of pressure on brands to innovate their online platforms. We saw many investing in AR to create a

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