Missing diamond ring reunited with its owner 13 years later

Now it doesn’t look like it did. I’ve been prepped for that last week. Mary Strand identified her diamond ring that had been missing for 13 years. That’s my ring. It’s nice to see it again. Now that she’s let the reunion sink in *** bit. She and her husband, David shared their gratitude for everyone that helped them find their missing treasure, including W C C O. My daughter called me and she said, mom, you’re never going to believe this. And I said what she said, I just saw Frank Vaso do *** story about your ring back in March, met council maintenance manager John Tierney found the ring here at the Rogers Wastewater plant floating in this sludge in water ever since it was his mission to get the ring back to its rightful owner. I was getting pretty optimistic that there is *** good opportunity would find somebody. And I’m glad for these two, Mary and David have been married 46 years, this October on their 33rd wedding anniversary. David surprised her with this ring. It didn’t quite fit, right. And after *** few months of wearing it, she lost it. I reached over and flushed the toilet and the ring fell in and it was swirling around and I truly dove for it. Ironically, David has his own drain and sewer business, but despite his expertise, he couldn’t find his wife’s ring. We went from, from where the toilet is 200 ft out. After 13 years of being beat up in the waterway system, the ring isn’t wearable yet. I’m just glad to have it back because you can get it reset these two. Prove you don’t need *** ring to have *** love this strong, she wouldn’t remember where it happened.


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