What the ED has found so far in West Bengal SSC scam

What an irony it is that at a time when the citizens of this country were busy filing the income-tax returns, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was busy unearthing mountains of hoarded and stolen wealth from a bunch of politicians. And that list includes ousted West Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee. 

Partha Chatterjee is among those arrested by the ED in the West Bengal SSC scam. He and his associates are accused of irregularities in the recruitment of staff and teachers in the government-sponsored and aided schools. CBI is investigating the case while the ED is tracking the money. So far, at least Rs 50 crore in cash, gold ornaments and several properties have been seized by the ED. 

Here is what the ED has found in the latest: 

The ED is looking into a GST number linked to accused No 2 and Partha Chatterjee’s close associate, Arpita Mukherjee. Reportedly, there are two GST numbers, out of which one is linked to a beauty parlour business and the other is not linked to any business. ED suspects the other GST number could have been generated illegally to evade taxes. 

The ED conducted raids at six locations in the case on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. The agency found a nail art studio in Patuli owned by Mukherjee. The studio was located in a building owned by a TMC councillor. The studio was sealed and the councillor was also interrogated by the agency. 

Reports suggest at least three nail art studios belonging to Mukherjee were raided. 

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I got my nails done at a salon in Japan, and the lavish $40 experience made American salons seem eons behind

nickelle tilley sipping drink (left), toweled feed at salon

I went to a local salon in Okinawa, and it was so much better than the spas I visited in the US.Nickelle Tilley

  • As an American who moved to Okinawa, I decided to compare nail salons in the US and Japan.

  • The 90-minute pedicure I got at Okinawa’s Cocok Spa for $40 blew away my experiences in the US.

  • The salon had complimentary snacks and drinks, incredible service, and state-of-the-art technology.

After moving from the US to Japan, I made an appointment at a popular local salon called Cocok Spa.

Nickelle Tilley selfie in car

I moved from North Carolina to Okinawa with my husband and our daughter.Nickelle Tilley

In May 2022, my family of three moved from the US to Japan.

My husband, an officer in the Marine Corps, received orders to relocate from North Carolina to Okinawa, one of Japan’s 47 prefectures that’s home to over 18,000 Marines and sailors.

Okinawa Island, the largest of the prefecture’s more than 150 islands, is sometimes referred to as the “Hawaii of Japan.” It’s located about 400 miles south of the mainland.

After getting settled, I decided to carve out some time for relaxation. My friend raved about Cocok Spa, a local salon. So, I made an appointment for a pedicure and can confirm that the hype is justified.

I made a pedicure appointment in advance using the spa’s website.

Cocok Spa in Okinawa Japan

Cocok Spa is a favorite among locals and expats in Okinawa.Nickelle Tilley

Cocok is very popular among locals and expats, so I made an appointment on the salon website ahead of time.

I don’t speak Japanese, but the language barrier wasn’t an issue at all. The spa has a lot of American clients, so there are English translations on its website, signs, and iPads. There were also English-speaking

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