Ralph Lauren Only Fashion Company Ranked Among ‘Best Companies for Women to Advance’

Work is a funny thing these days. For some, it’s less of a priority than it was pre-pandemic. For many, it’s a battle between the return-to-work types and those who prefer to stay remote, or at least have the option. But for most, it’s a place that needs to provide much more than a paycheck and basic benefits for people to continue to dedicate such a significant swath of their lives to it.

As such, companies looking to sustain a successful and content workforce are finding new ways to be of service to those who work for them, particularly where diversity, equity and inclusion are concerned.

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And some are doing better than others.

In Parity.org’s recently released 2022 list of the “Best Companies for Women to Advance,” only 43 companies made the list, and from fashion, only Ralph Lauren Corp. was counted among them.

The so dubbed ParityLIST, an endeavor of the not-for-profit centered on closing the gender and racial gap in corporate leadership, launched in 2020 to recognize organizations whose policies and benefits advance opportunities for women in the workplace rather than present barriers, as has long been the case.

“Parity in leadership is crucial, but we know representation alone is not enough — we must create conditions intentionally designed to support women’s ambitions, well-being and freedoms,” Roseann Lynch, chief people officer at Ralph Lauren and Head of the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation, said in a statement.

In 2020, Ralph Lauren announced that it had already reached its 2023 goal of equal gender representation between men and women at its vice president level and above, confirming that women hold 50 percent of those positions at the company — a fact it has endeavored to maintain.

While more broadly, women make up 48 percent the

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