Kardashian fans call out detail in Kim’s new bikini pics that shows off how ‘rich’ the star is as she ‘flaunts wealth’

KIM Kardashian fans have spotted a detail in the star’s sexy new bikini pics that they believe shows just how wealthy she is.

The 42-year-old shared a series of snaps of herself rocking a tiny white swimsuit, showing off her thin frame in unedited photos.

Fans spotted a telling detail in Kim Kardashian's bikini snaps


Fans spotted a telling detail in Kim Kardashian’s bikini snapsCredit: instagram
The detail proved just how wealthy the star is according to fans


The detail proved just how wealthy the star is according to fansCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

While many were focused on Kim’s body in the pics, there was another detail that caught followers’ eye.

In the photos, carefully cared-for sand could be seen in the background.

There appeared to be a design that was intentionally raked into it prior to folks stepping foot on the beach.

The photos were reposted to a Kardashian-themed Reddit page, where fans weighed in.

One commenter noted: “You know you’re at a rich a** beach when the sand has designs raked into it.”

Someone else wondered: “The sand creeps me out…Why is it all checkered like that?”

A third user suggested in their reply: “Maybe the hotel has a patterned roller they use?”

Another speculated: “Probably a floor was laid down on it.”

Several fans made the same comment on Instagram, with one offering a simple answer.

They wrote: “At high-end resorts, they often rake the sand each morning to pick up seaweed and debris and make it look nice for the guests.

“That’s my guess of what’s happening here.”


Kim shared the snaps earlier this week, leaving supporters stunned.

The Hulu star rocked only the white bikini and a pair of oversized sunglasses in the photos.

She shared several pics of herself walking across a hardly-touched beach before she struck a pose against a wall and looked up at the photographer, who she revealed

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