World’s Most Expensive Ruby and Rare Pink Diamond Sell for $35 Million Each

The Estrela de Fury from Mozambique is the largest ruby to have been sold at a public auction.


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Sotheby’s sold two precious gemstones for US$34.8 million each Thursday in New York, setting records for both. 

The 55.22-carat Estrela de Fury from Mozambique, the largest ruby to have been sold at a public auction, achieved a hammer price of US$30 million after 90 seconds of bidding. Moments later, a diamond Sotheby’s calls “Eternal Pink,” which is actually a vivid purplish pink, took just two minutes to also hammer at US$30 million.

The Estrela de Fury was estimated to sell for more US$30 million, while the Eternal Pink was estimated to sell for about US$35 million. Estimates don’t include fees. Both gems were guaranteed with irrevocable bids from a third party ensuring they would sell for a minimum price. Bidding began at US$24 million for the Estrela de Fury and at US$26 million for the pink diamond.

The ruby, which was unmounted for the sale, was carved from a 101-carat stone unearthed less than a year ago in a mine owned by Dubai-based Fura Gems. The result was a record for the sale of a ruby and any colored gemstone at auction, Sotheby’s said. The price just exceeded a previous record of US$30.3 million for the Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat stone originally from Myanmar, that sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in 2015. 

“With its unprecedented size, piercing color and rare degree of optical transparency and clarity, it truly deserved the record-breaking price today,” Quig Bruning, head of Sotheby’s jewelry, Americas, said in a news release. “Rubies of this importance and magnitude are exceedingly rare,” Sotheby’s added.  

Some of the sale proceeds will fund a new Fura training academy in various fields for local

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