Extreme humiliation of Raffaella Fico, very dangerous hints

The ex-Givina Raffaella Fico hides a very painful shadow of her past: the biggest setback came from it.

Raffaella Fico (YouTube source)

Glittering Neapolitan young girl Raffaella Vico She owes her fame to the baptism of the television fire in Italy’s most spying house. The beautiful soubrette has actually been shared inThe eighth edition of “Big Brother” In legal form, Alicia Marcuse erected on his head at the time. Having impressed the audience with her undeniable charm and fiery temper, Raffaella frequented many TV salons, and then established an affair with the football player. Mario Balotelli.

The relationship did not last long: the two remained engaged from June 2011 to April of the following year. The love between Raffaella Fico and Mario Balotelli had copious results: in July of the same year, Showgirl She said she is pregnant, claiming the paternity of the ex-boyfriend. But in the following years of her life, Raffaella passed hard timesWhich left her deep scars: Let’s find out what happened.

Raffaella Fico and her confession to “Verissimo”: “Request a DNA test!”

Mario Balotelli
Mario Balotelli (YouTube source)

Although Mario Balotelli Little Pia recognized in 2014 The past with Rafaela was decidedly stormy. Currently, the showgirl is related to entrepreneur Leghorn Piero NeriAnd he seems to live in the parentheses of complete family tranquility.

However, the fallout from the relationship with Balotelli took its toll on her painfully, and her single mother’s adventure presented itself. Full of inference and cruelty. As I mentioned to Silvia Tovanen, actually: “I suffered a lot and risked losing Pia in the eighth month. The media, the newspapers, all that noise… I’ve been referred to as someone who wants a child but his father doesn’t want it… (…). Children do two, as you well

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