Expanding Bridgnorth shop moves above cellar where owner started out

Director Cara Pelucci, manager Becky Ray and Jess Edmonds
Director Cara Pelucci, manager Becky Ray and Jess Edmonds

Urban Angel began 16 years ago when Cara Hickman started selling shoes and handbags in a cellar beneath a popular Bridgnorth gift shop.

Expansion saw the opening of a High Street store soon afterwards, but now the clothing and homeware shop has returned to its roots by taking over the entire unit where Cara used to rent out just the cellar.

“When I started playing at shops, as I like to call it, I rented a cellar at 29 High Street and started selling shoes and handbags,” recalled Cara, who says she had been a stay at home mum for ten years before starting the business.

“I only started it because at the time I though that there wasn’t anywhere decent in Bridgnorth to buy shoes from’,” she added.

She eventually opened a shop on 12 High Street, but after continued success found that had became too small for Urban Angel.

She said: “We moved to selling ladies wear and it has been going really well. We went from employing two staff members to nine, inlcuding my daughter Ruby who is 16 this year and who comes in every Saturday.”

But she added that it became clear that number 12 High Street was not big enough any more and she began the hunt for new premises, but did not have to look far.

Late last year, when Cara heard gift shop Tea and Roses above the former cellar where she used to work was leaving, she approached the landlord with an eye to relocate down the road.

“I’ve come full circle, but the new shop is so much bigger,” Cara said. “We must have 8-10 times the space of our previous unit, which has allowed us to start selling coffee in

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Worcester hairdressers Tone shortlisted for UK Hair and Beauty awards

Gizem Sydney, who owns Tone on Pump Street said she is over the moon when she heard she had become a finalist in the extensionist of the year category. 

Miss Sydney, age 29, said: “My whole life I wanted to go to university, and then all of a sudden I woke up and I changed my mind.

“I decided I didn’t want to be in education anymore. 

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“I decided to go into the beauty industry because it makes everybody, not just women, feel confident about themselves. 

“We are more than just hair stylists. Our clients offload their problems onto us and it is like being a therapist.

“It would be phenomenal to win, especially after we’ve just opened in October. 

“It would be amazing to win best in the area, let alone best in the UK.”

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Miss Sydney, who is originally from Droitwich, said she has been in the hair and beauty industry for 14 years.

She has been doing hair extensions for the past ten years – which is where she said her true passion lies.  

“I’m not one of those hair stylists who does wild hairstyles, I do everyday glam,” she added.

“Everyone is so image-conscious and everyone wants to look good.

“I create hairstyles that look like seamless effort without doing any work.”

Worcester News: Gizem Sydney, owner of Tone on Pump Street, specialises in hair extensions Gizem Sydney, owner of Tone on Pump Street, specialises in hair extensions (Image: Instagram/ This is Tone UK)

The hair stylist previously used to

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