The biggest engagement ring trends of 2024

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From lab-grown to traditional gems, here are all the trends you’ll see in 2024

If you plan on getting engaged in 2024, listen up: The biggest engagement ring trends for the year are in, and you’ll want to consider these options if you’re in the market for a diamond ring. To fill us in on the biggest engagement ring trends for 2024, we consulted a jewelry pro, Jean Dousset, the founder of jewelry brand Jean Dousset, who has 31 years of experience in the jewelry industry. 

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Engagement ring stone, metal and setting trends for 2024

Though you may have an idea of what you’re looking for, it never hurts to keep your options open. “I would advise you to go in with an open mind when shopping for engagement rings,” said Dousset. “Once you start trying different ring styles on, it may surprise you which ones you end up gravitating toward. Styles you may have in mind might look completely different when trying them on.”

With that in mind, consider these popular ring trends for 2024:

Bezel settings

“Bezel settings will become increasingly popular in 2024,” noted Dousset. “This setting offers a sleek, modern twist on the traditional claw prong setting. With bezel-set engagement rings, the center stone is held in place by a metal rim or ‘bezel’ that surrounds the stone. Since no prongs or claws are holding the center stone in place, this setting makes it less prone to damage or stone loss.”

Yellow gold and mixed metals

“Consumers are not gravitating towards classic white metals as much in 2024,” he explained, adding that many of his customers are opting for 18-karat yellow gold instead. “I see a rise in two-tone metals this year, with more jewelry crafted in mixed metals.”

Larger and lab-grown center stones

“In 2024, more couples deciding to tie the knot are open-minded to lab diamonds or are exclusively shopping for lab-grown diamond engagement rings,” noted Dousset. “The lab-grown diamond market has exploded over the past 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down.”

“I see more couples selecting larger center stones in 2024, with the average carat total weight increasing to 3 carats,” he said.

Can you buy an engagement ring online?

Absolutely! These days, more and more people are opting to purchase engagement rings online due to the greater selection available than in brick-and-mortar stores. Many online retailers actually offer at-home try-on options, custom designs or virtual consultations with jewelers, so you can still get the perks of an in-person visit from the comfort of your own home. 

Best engagement rings to buy in 2024

Audrey Bezel Solitaire on white background

Jean Dousset Audrey Bezel Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Choose from round brilliant, oval, cushion, emerald, radiant or pear cuts in this simple yet stunning ring, which features a single stone in a bezel setting. The ring comes in platinum, 18-karat rose gold, 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat white gold. 

Holden The Bezel Toi Et Moi

Holden The Bezel Toi Et Moi

Combining the bezel-setting trend with the ever-popular two-stone design, this jaw-dropping ring makes quite the statement. You can choose from a number of stone combinations, as well as metals, although we recommend going with yellow gold to hit the current trend from yet another angle. 

Meijuri Heirloom Ring

Meijuri Heirloom Ring

If you want the look of a stylish larger center stone, but are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, consider going for a colored gemstone over a diamond. This 14-karat yellow gold band houses a single jewel—choose from a garnet, honey quartz, London blue topaz or sky blue topaz. 

Audrey 6-prong solitaire

Jean Dousset Audrey 6-Prong Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling design keeps all the focus on a single center stone, which, in this case, is a lab-grown diamond. Besides the traditional platinum, 18-karat rose gold, 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat white gold metal options, it also comes in two of-the-moment two-tone designs: two-tone rose gold and platinum or two-tone yellow gold and platinum. 

Catbird NYC The Grand Swan Solitaire, Emerald Cut (Lab-Grown Diamond) on hand

Catbird NYC The Grand Swan Solitaire, Emerald-Cut (Lab-Grown Diamond)

Choose from a stunning 1.5-carat or 2-carat emerald-cut center stone with this lab-grown diamond ring. You can choose from on-trend 14-karat yellow gold or opt for 14-karat rose gold or 14-karat white gold. 

Charles & Colvard Elongated Cushion Forever One Moissanite Bezel Set Solitaire Ring

Charles & Colvard Elongated Cushion Forever One Moissanite Bezel-Set Solitaire Ring

This 2.3-carat elongated cushion-cut center stone makes quite a statement — and the choice of moissanite over a diamond is a cost-effective one. It sits atop a 14-karat recycled yellow gold band in a durable bezel setting. 

Brilliant Earth Mixed Metal Symphony Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth Mixe-Metal Symphony Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A mixed metal setting can help you get the best of both worlds: Stay on-trend with a gold band, while a white metal around the diamond can make it shine brighter. This beautiful three-stone design is available with either lab-grown or natural diamonds.  

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