This is what broke records for the most diamonds set in one ring

The Guinness World Records has a new record-breaking diamond ring, thanks to a Kerala-based jeweller. This mushroom-shaped diamond ring from Kerala has broken the record for the most diamonds set in one ring.

This was recorded in Karathode, Kerala, on May 5, 2022. According to Guinness World Records, this mushroom-shaped diamond ring is set with 24,679 natural diamonds. The ring is aptly titled ‘Ami’, which means immortality in Sanskrit. The ring is based on the shape of a pink oyster mushroom, as the mushroom represents immortality and longevity. The ring also entails a quote from SWA Diamonds Managing Director Abdul Gafur Anadiyan.

The mushroom-shaped diamond ring from Kerala that’s breaking records.

A lot of thought and hard work was put into the making of the ring. Not to forget, time too. It took the jeweller three months to make this ring. According to Guinness World Records, “After 3D printing, liquid gold was then poured into the mould, cooled and filed into the overall shape of 41 unique mushroom petals. With the base complete, each diamond was then meticulously placed by hand on each side of the mushroom petals. Natural diamonds were used.”

mushroom-shaped diamond ring Kerala

Image: Courtesy SWA Diamonds

With a hefty price tag of $ 95,243 (approx. RM424,640), the ring weighs 340 grams, which is three-quarters of a pound. The Guinness record was awarded to the mushroom-shaped ring from Kerala after it was verified by a team of independent gemologists. After this, the number of diamonds was counted by Guinness officials using a microscope, who also evaluated and confirmed the clarity, carat, weight, cut type and the type of diamonds used.

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This record was previously held by Meerut-based businessman Harshit Bansal, who had achieved the title in 2020 for his floral design bejewelled with 12,638 diamonds.

Hero Image: Courtesy SWA Diamonds, Featured Image: Courtesy SWA Diamonds

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