This Lab-Grown Diamond Ring *Totally* Changed My Jewelry Game

All right, I have a tiny confession to make: I have not always been the classic solitaire ring’s biggest fan. Not for lack of appreciation (I am borderline obsessed with gemology) but rather because my personal style has tended to steer me toward non-traditional silhouettes and styles—my engagement ring is a signet, if that helps paint a picture.

At its core, each piece of jewelry is wildly individual. The meaning assigned to a gemstone is personal and unique, as is the way it’s styled into your wardrobe. This rang especially true when a certain ring entered my orbit and completely changed my POV on the solitare style. This, my friends, was not just any ordinary solitaire style, it was Pandora’s Nova 14k White Gold 1.00 Carat TW Lab-Grown Diamond Ring.

I’ll get into the various bits and bobs that make this luxe ring so amaze in a moment, but on a more general note I was delighted and surprised by how easy it was to incorporate into my daily rotation. The moment I slipped this round brilliant lab-grown diamond onto my right hand, I was shook by how good it made me feel. Confident! Chic! Ready to hail a cab! It was—not to be totally cliché—love at first wear. Lately I’ve been layering it with a slim hammered-gold band, which feels aligned with my vibe (we love a mixed-metals moment).

So whether you’re in the market for an engagement style or you find joy in sporting a lab-grown diamond ring for ~any ole day~, keep scrolling for the details on this gorge forever jewelry.

Pandora Nova 14k White Gold 1.00 carat tw Lab-grown Diamond Ring

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Nova 14k White Gold 1.00 carat tw Lab-grown Diamond Ring

Pandora Nova 14k White Gold 1.00 carat tw Lab-grown Diamond Ring

The Asymmetric Prong Setting

Here’s the scoop on prong settings: There are usually four or six metal points that rise from a ring’s basket and hug over the gemstone. This design keeps the stone securely in place while also allowing light to shine through the stone (which means a helluva lot more sparkle). Pandora did something slightly different here—and it’s part of the reason I fell in love with the ring. The prongs are asymmetrical, meaning there are three at the top and one at the bottom. Though a subtle effect, it makes the entire look and feel of the ring feel modern and wholly unique. For me, the gal who likes nontraditional jewelry, this 100 caught my attention.

The Clean, Classic Band

I really appreciate the sleekness of this ring’s band. It’s crafted from 100 percent 14k white gold that shines so brilliantly, it makes my whole hand feel more elegant (there’s a 14-karat gold option too, BTW). It’s also an ideal thickness—not too chunky, not too delicate—so I can wear it solo or stack it. Versatility = cute.

The Sparkle Factor Is Real

Hopefully you’re still with me, because I saved the best for last: The sparkle—good lord, the sparkle! This baby catches the light in such an unexpected way that I’ve found myself twirling my hand around to see it glisten and glow. If you weren’t already aware, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are all one-of-a-kind, and chemically identical to mined diamonds, just created above ground. And Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds are created, cut, and polished using renewable energy, which is something I fully support. If you like things that sparkle, ipso facto, you will obsess over this ring too.

All of this is a *slightly* long-winded way of saying—this ring is it. It’s dreamy AF as an engagement style, impressive as a gift, and best of all it translates to an everyday outfit. It can do it all and it’s for everyone, even someone who used to think solitaire styles weren’t for them (ahem, moi).

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