Tiffany’s Newest High Jewelry Collection Channels Sea Creatures With Diamonds, Sapphires, and More

Tiffany & Co. dove deep into the archives for its latest Blue Book collection.

The new Out of the Blue line pays homage to the late, great Jean Schlumberger and his legendary oceanic creations. The French designer, who began working with the house back in the ‘50s, translated his passion for the underwater world into wildly imaginative pieces. The new high jewelry reimagines Schlumberger’s enigmatic symbols of the sea with truly exquisite gems.

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Out of the Blue is the first Blue Book collection to be designed by Tiffany’s chief artistic officer of jewelry and high jewelry Nathalie Verdeill, who left Cartier to join the American brand last year. It is also the first fully realized one to be released since LVMH acquired the house. The collection will debut in two phases over the course of the year, with the summer line exploring seven distinct themes: Shell, Coral, Jellyfish, Pisces, Starfish, Sea Star, and Star Urchin.

“In Jean Schlumberger’s imagination and design philosophy, the sea represented an unknown, infinite world,” Verdeille said in a statement. “He choreographed unparalleled manifestations of its majesty and mystery.”

Tiffany & Co. 2023 Blue Box Collection "Out of the Blue"

Bracelet in platinum with a black opal and diamonds.

With geometric and stylized aesthetics, the pieces nod to the respective themes without being too on the nose. The Shell designs were inspired by the way in which objects are sculpted underwater and may even have treasures hidden within. One transformable pendant, for instance, features a detachable diamond brooch with a stunning black opal of over 21 carats inside.

The Coral pieces reflect the vibrancy of their namesake with tanzanites, sapphires, and yellow diamonds, while the Jellyfish bling takes cues from the ethereal creature with luminescent details. The jellyfish brooch with gem-encrusted tentacles is particularly striking.

The Pisces creations are characterized by padparadscha sapphires, Umba sapphires, and diamonds, while the Star Urchin designs showcase tanzanites and hand-carved chalcedony in honor of their eponym’s spiky exterior. The Starfish pieces elevate that familiar silhouette with opals, aquamarines, tourmalines, and beryls with diamond accents. Finally, the Sea Star jewelry features a custom-cut mother-of-pearl starfish entwined in coral-inspired motifs.

Tiffany & Co. 2023 Blue Box Collection "Out of the Blue"

Brooch in platinum and 18k yellow gold with sapphires, tanzanites, moonstones, and diamonds.

“My first Blue Book collection for the House is a deep dive into aquatic life that both honors and reimagines Schlumberger’s vision,” adds Verdeille.

Out of the Blue will be on display at Tiffany’s newly reopened Fifth Avenue flagship, a.k.a. the Landmark, this summer. The iconic boutique also has a number of Schlumberger’s bedazzled birds on the main floor, a fourth-floor section dedicated to the jeweler, and a number of his pieces in the high jewelry area on the seventh floor.

“With Blue Book 2023, we saw an opportunity to honor Jean Schlumberger’s legacy by giving new life to some of his most celebrated designs,” Tiffany CEO Anthony Ledru said. “These creations have a distinct Schlumberger quality and personality to them, but the designs are all new. We are certain that he would have been as pleased with each masterpiece as we are.”

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Tiffany & Co. 2023 Blue Box Collection "Out of the Blue"

Tiffany & Co. 2023 Blue Box Collection “Out of the Blue”

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